ATTENTION: If You Now Own, Or Want To Own, A Non-Mail Order Business Where You See And Meet Customers, Clients, or Patients In Person...

Here Are The "11 Secrets To Small Business Marketing Magic - How To Get More Business To Come To You In A Month Than You Now Get All Year! Discover The Real Reason Virtually All Businesses Never Make The Money They Could... And Should Be Making!"

Secret #1: Marketing Is Everything... Here’s Why!

From the first day you got into business, you were taught that knowledge about what you do was what you needed to become successful.

That your “professionalism” will be the key to success. That people will come to you once they hear about how “good” you are.

You were probably given the age old “wisdom” that says if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door!

“Yeah, right!” Let’s speak honestly to each other.

Which brings me to my first, and possibly, most important point: Knowing how to get customers, clients or patients is infinitely more important than any other knowledge you may attain!

I’ve never known any way to make my business (and thus, my personal life) better unless I have a constant, never-ending flow of prospects and customers (or clients/patients) who’ve all called me, wanting to do business! I know that this statement gets some people upset. That’s not my intention.

All I’m trying to do is make the point that until you grasp the fact that you are not in whatever business you’re in ... but rather in the: MARKETING OF WHATEVER BUSINESS YOU’RE IN!

That’s the bottom line. In fact, no matter what business anyone is in, they are really not in that business!

They are always in the marketing of that business! And you’re no different.

Until you change your psychology to accept the fact that you are a marketer first, and a provider of whatever you sell second…you’ll never make the kind of money you want to make!

This acceptance as your role of a marketer is paramount to changing the size of your bankbook and gaining a measure of success otherwise unattainable. Let’s face it, in any business… the best marketer wins! Period. End of story.

And, of course, I am not implying that you should just market better and deliver substandard products or services. No way. Not only must you be the best marketer, but you must also be the best at what you do as well. People deserve the best.

But, and this is the big but… it doesn’t matter if you’re the best at what you do if you have no one to talk to except your coworkers and your family!

They’re nice enough, I’m sure… but they aren’t a substitute for people who buy whatever you sell! Getting customers, clients or patients is the name of the game, and marketing is the mechanism that gets them!

As you read through this tip sheet and learn the marketing techniques we’ll be discussing…you’ll find out that there are two ways to market:

A. Sickeningly wasteful and pushy ways. B. Inexpensive and response-oriented ways. We’ll focus on type # 2, if that’s OK with you.

Secret #2: If You Want Your Phone To Ring, Your Advertising Must Get People’s Attention... And Arouse Emotions!

If you remember just one secret from this tip sheet, remember to follow this proven five-step formula in every bit of marketing and advertising you do:

1. Get Attention!

2. Arouse interest and emotion.

3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way.

4. Offer an incentive to take action…NOW.

5. Ask for action, and make it easy for people to do it.

The first, and most important, step is to get attention. Your advertising will not stimulate responses unless it gets read. It will not be read if it is not noticed.

And, it will not be noticed unless it: Gets People’s Attention!  In Fact, 80 – 90% Of The Success Of Any Ad Is The Direct Result Of How Well The Headline Gets... Attention!!

If you don’t believe me, go look at “People Magazine”, “The Star”, “Redbook” and so on.

Warning – What You’re About To Read May Shock You! Whether or not you read…like…or even approve of…any of the publications we just discussed, you’d have to be blind to get past a magazine rack or grocery checkout line without at least noticing these covers and attention-getting headlines.

Can you say the same about your advertising?

Are your advertising messages exciting or boring? What do your business cards, marketing letters and brochures look like?

Are you really saying or doing anything different from anybody else??? Every month, the editors of all these magazines and newspapers do everything they can possibly think of TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION!

While you may not agree with the pictures or underlying messages, millions of these magazines are sold each week because…Emotions stir up more sales than logic ever will!

The biggest mistake you can make in marketing is to use a straightforward, “professional” approach that attempts to appeal to people’s sensibilities. Yet, over 95% of all businesses and sales people make it over and over!

Logical advertising is dead advertising. Emotions are what motivate people to take notice and respond.

If Your Advertising Is Boring…It Won’t Make Money! Now stop for a moment and think.

Think about your advertising.

Think about your company’s advertising.

Think about the brochures you give to people.

Are people beating down your doors and ringing your phone off the hook to get to you because of what you do... the titles you hold… or the colorful brochures?

Typical “business card style” advertisement that many businesses use to get their name and phone number in front of the public. You know, the kind of ad that cleverly includes a ho-hum grocery list of services that anyone in your industry or profession provides.

There is absolutely nothing in the ad that gets attention or arouses emotions about why someone should choose YOU versus every other firm listed in the telephone directory.

No curiosity…no emotions…just very plain-looking ads. Just like everyone else’s.

If you want to get people’s attention, you have to be saying things that will actually get their attention!

Secret # 3: Typical Yellow Pages Ads Get Typically Lousy Results!

Another example of boring advertising is found in any Yellow Pages anywhere in the country.

Most Yellow Pages or Directory ads are just a big blur! They all look exactly the same and do nothing to get anyone’s attention!

Can you spot one truly noticeable and different reason why a prospective customer or client or patient would be motivated to pick up the telephone and call one of the companies listed?

The problem? Yellow pages “advertising” like this is just one big blur of sameness. There’s nothing unique. Everybody looks the same and says the same stuff.

You could literally swap names and phone numbers on the ads, and no one would even know the difference!

To be a successful advertiser and marketer, you must always remember that…People Don’t Read Ads That Look Like Advertising and Sales Pitches!

The problem here?

People don’t really pay attention to ads about you, your company, or your professional titles.

It doesn’t matter how big, how good, how nice or caring you tell people you are. Most people don’t read image ads like this because they so obviously look like advertising, and because they do not get anyone’s attention.

Every day, your prospects’ minds are being flooded with thousands of advertising messages.

Television commercials. Radio commercials. Posters and billboards. Newspaper ads. Magazine ads. Mailboxes filled with sales letters. Advertising on buses, trucks, streetcars, subways and taxicabs. You even find advertising pasted on public bathroom walls!

There is no way to stop this daily assault, but we have all learned to tune out advertising pictures and messages…unless they get our attention and arouse our interest.

Are you starting to get the idea of what kind of emotional headlines get responses?

The Secret Is All In The Headlines and Topics You Use!

Cosmopolitan uses them. People Magazine uses them. Readers Digest does too!

If you don’t like to prospect or sit around hoping the phone will ring, you need to create low cost advertising that motivates clients to call you instead!

As you’ll keep learning, you’ll quickly see that there is a HUGE difference between spending money on “getting your name out there” and investing in marketing that gets people to CALL YOU!

You will learn how to use this type of marketing as you move along in your journey of understanding and awareness of the reality of marketing. For now, we just want you to begin to see the new paradigm and new way of life awaiting you!

Secret #4: News-Style Advertising Gets Up To 500% Greater Response Than Image Advertising!

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a proven advertising fact…News-style advertising gets up to 500% greater response than color brochures, business cards, and all other forms of product or image advertising.

Do you know why?

News style advertising doesn’t look like advertising! It looks like news.

Very few people read advertising... but a lot of people read news and other stories.

This doesn’t mean I’m telling you to toss out those good looking (and probably expensive) color brochures and business cards you’ve had printed up.

I’m sure that you may get nice comments about how they look. (Actually, I’m lying. I do want you to throw out all that stuff. Because if you continue to waste money on it, you’re never going to get where you want to go!)

Anyway, I am simply telling you what will make your phone ring more.

Image advertising does get your name and “image” out there. (Although someone still has to explain to me how one can pay bills with “image.”)

But, it is not the best or fastest way to get prospects to call you! If It Looks Like Advertising, Most People Won’t Read It.

Unless an ad or commercial gets our attention and interest, we turn the page or hit the remote control zapper and flush it out of our minds! News-style advertising has been proven for decades to get 500% more responses than advertising that looks like advertising!

Secret #5: Here’s The Amazing Advertising System That Attracts Qualified, Motivated, Interested and Ready-To-Do Business Prospects…Without Any Wasted Traditional Advertising Or Cold Marketing!!

Here’s some common sense that seems to be missing in most businesses: You should never advertise or prospect to anyone who isn’t a likely to buy customer in the very near future!


The only people you should be talking to are people who are ALREADY interested, qualified and motivated.  Right?

Why would you waste your time and money promoting to low probability prospects or lousy customers, clients or patients?

Doesn’t it make much more sense to target your now improved advertising message to people who’d love to buy from you NOW?

Well, if you do what most business professionals do, you are probably promoting in places where many of the people who read or watch or listen to the message aren’t going to anything with you.

This waste is very costly and causes much frustration.

You should only advertise in places where you have a high concentration of likely candidates for whatever you do.

This may not be the neighborhood that you happen to be in, or to run ads in a local paper. You will be infinitely better off mailing to a small, more expensive but highly targeted list than to mail to everyone in a certain area!

Target marketing isn’t sort of important.  It’s the most important concept you need to understand!

In fact, we find that the highest profit system is to generate leads who are interested, and then do follow-up marketing to the leads that express interest, and to them ONLY!

What better list could you mail to (other than your past customers) than people who have responded to your offer (usually free information) and said, “Tell me more, I’m interested.”?

This kind of list, (when marketed to properly with the right kind of killer advertising copy) can yield results and profits beyond anything you’ve ever imagined!

The formula is:

  1.  Find a high concentration of likely prospects for your products or services. This could be mail, email, broadcast fax, space ads, flyers, TV, radio, Google, Facebook, Bing or whatever.
  2. Offer information or some other freebie that you know others like them already have an interest in.
  3. Get them to “raise their hands” by responding.
  4. Follow-up relentlessly until a high percentage end up buying!

This simple formula sounds too easy. Like it makes too much common sense. You may be thinking, “Like, who couldn’t figure this out?”

Well, let me tell you that 95%+ of the businesses in every business category imaginable, DO NOT DO THIS!

That’s why they get direct response mail/email results of 1-2% (or worse) instead of the 10-15% response rates this type of system yields regularly! Keep this in mind the next time you decide to spend money advertising!

Secret # 6: Make It Easy And Non-Threatening For People To Respond To Your Emotionally Driven, News Style Ads!

One of the most amazing things to me is how many advertisers make it hard to respond to your ads.

With traditional, boring, cute and clever advertising, it’s rare indeed to have someone want to respond.

But, on that rare occasion, you make it even harder for them to respond by doing things like not having a toll free number they can call, or a 24 hour free recorded message attached to a toll free number, text code, or email signup, and so on.

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t need to get a toll free number since your customers or clients or patients are local, and it isn’t worth the expense to pay the extra money for a toll free number.

Guess what? Real live testing has shown that virtually in all cases, where someone ran tests offering the exact same things in their ads, with the only difference being a toll free number versus a local number…the toll free number wins!

And, when tests are done with the ads offering the exact same things except one has a plain toll free number and the other has a toll free 24 hour recorded message…the recorded message wins hands down, time after time.

Now, you may not like these results from real live tests. You may want it to be the way you want it to be. But life in business doesn’t work like that.

What YOU think is absolutely irrelevant.

What YOU respond to or do is absolutely irrelevant.

All that matters is what real prospects and customers do in real situations, and they like to call toll free numbers and like the non-threatening aspect of 24 hour recorded messages.

And since THEY vote with their wallets and credit cards, THEIR vote is the only one that counts! So think about this, the next time you’re wondering why you’re not as busy as you need to be!

Secret #7: TEST, TEST, TEST!

The importance of this topic cannot be stressed enough.

You must develop a mentality to always test everything you do, before rolling out in a big way.

I have seen numerous cases where a business owner or professional has “THE GREATEST IDEA EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!”

You know the idea. You have probably had it yourself. The one brainstorm that will end your financial problems overnight. It could be a seminar, or a TV ad, or a direct mail piece, or brochure, or whatever.

You just know that it is going to be a winner!

How do you know this? Well, first of all, your spouse agrees with you that the idea is tremendous. When you bring it to the office and share it with some coworkers, they also agree that you have a winner.

Everyone you talk to sees that you will be retiring in the next few months. You then decide to get things moving. The advertising people are brought in. The graphic artist is hired, and the printer is contacted. All the steps are falling into place.

You have spent a pretty hefty chunk of dough, but it will be worth it.

This is the break you have always been waiting for! Finally, the deal is in gear. Things are going to explode.

And you wait. And wait some more. Nothing. Nothing is happening.

What is going on?

Two days later, you are very depressed. The whole thing was a big disaster. All that money down the tubes.

What went wrong?

Everyone agreed that this was a big winner. How could this happen? Sound familiar?

What went wrong here was not the idea or the actions taken. The problem was very simple, yet something that people ignore over and over again.


You see, the fact that you and “everybody” think that this idea is a stroke of genius is basically irrelevant. You and your sounding boards may be well intentioned, but there can be no validity placed on your opinions.

The only way to know for sure is to do a test. A small test, yet big enough to see if your idea has the slightest bit of merit.

One more point about this type of advertising we’re talking about.

I cannot guarantee you that every headline will work. But, I do guarantee that the direct response, emotional formulas we show you are the only ones proven to work, year-in and year-out, for over 100 years!

So, if one headline doesn’t get it, you’ll have to test until you find the one that does work. It is out there. I promise you that the emotional approach is the only one that has ever been proven to be successful!

To summarize: Be creative and to take your ego out of the equation. Testing is the most important way to be a smart survivor! Don’t ever feel like something is a failure if it doesn’t work.

No matter what you do, you’re not seeing failure or success. You’re just seeing results. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just results.

If the results are bad, then you need to adjust what you’re doing. If the results are good, then do more and bigger of the same thing!

The bottom line is this: The only true measure of your idea is what the market tells you with real, live testing! All the conjecture in the world will not replace a well-designed test!

And testing with emotional direct response marketing increases your success rate than any other form of advertising!

Secret # 8: The One Question That Your Advertising And Marketing Must Instantly Answer, Or People Won’t Respond!

Everyone is totally self-absorbed and selfish.

All they care about is themselves, and maybe their family. How about you?

Do you care about me, or what I think… or did you ask for this tip sheet because of what YOU thought you could get out of it?

Of course, you’re no different from me, or anyone else. We all care about is ourselves. It’s just human nature.

So, when doing any marketing or advertising, there’s one question that your prospects are going to ask, subconsciously, when they see your ads or whatever: “What’s In It For Me?”

This is a major point you have to understand. If the headlines and copy and reports and client newsletters you use answer this question, they will be moneymakers for you!

If they talk about things that don’t answer this question, they will not create responses!

For example, talking about the fact that your company has top ratings does not answer this question. Talking about your credentials doesn’t answer this question. Bragging about being the “best,” or that you “care” doesn’t answer this question. And so on.

Keep this critical concept in mind whenever you consider any marketing attempt!

Just like you, your prospects only want to know what’s in it for them!

While this point really bothers most business people and professionals, it’s just simply the bottom line of human nature: People do not care about what YOU think, or what YOU think they SHOULD like or want or need, or what YOU want them to want.

No one NEEDS anything you have to offer. They are only going to come to you if you offer them what THEY ACTUALLY DO WANT!

So, since they only do what THEY want to do, your advertising has to only talk about what THEY want... or it won’t work!

Secret #9: The Most Important Emotion To Create If You Want People To Call You!

What is the single most important element that leads to responses?

Do you know what this amazing Secret is? Well, do you?

Before I give you the answer, I want to give you some examples from other media sources that know how to use this Secret very, very well.

I’ll bet you have seen or heard these types of things before: Credits from LA Law are rolling on the screen as the announcer says, “Shocking Twist In The O.J. Trial… Details coming up on Eyewitness News, next!” Cover of Reader’s Digest says, “Slim by Summer,” “Ten Ways To Relieve Stress,” “How To Get Organized Now!”

Radio announcer says, “This month’s Business Report reveals which CEO’s took the most money with the worst corporate performance! Is your boss one of them?”

Cosmopolitan magazine’s cover asks, “Do you know the seven signs that tell if he’s having an affair?”

And so on. Are you figuring out what I am getting to here? Yes…I am showing you teasers.

Teasers are necessary for publishing or broadcasting to generate something that every one of us has deep inside us.

Curiosity! (Yes, we are all nosy as hell, whether you want to admit it or not!) Think about why news and publishing media use these teasers.

Is it because they feel they are “professional” statements?

No, I don’t think so. I think that the reason they use them over and over and over is that they: Get responses like crazy!

They know something that most advertisers and marketers have zero clue about.

They know, if someone is curious, the person will be compelled to take some action in an attempt to satisfy their lust for nosiness. (Does anybody remember the episode in The Dick Van Dyke Show when Rob sent home a package to test Laura’s will? And she stalked the package for a while, and played with it, and kicked it around, and finally chewed the string with her teeth to get it open? And it was an inflatable boat? Remember?)

Now, wouldn’t you want your marketing copy to be so compelling that people would be ripping your message with their teeth to find out what it’s all about?

Secret # 10: Solving ALL Your Sales Problems Simply Requires You Solve Your MARKETING Problems!

See, “selling” in the sense that we all think of it is really a dead activity. Nobody wants to be “sold” anything anymore.

They want to BUY products and services and think it was their idea. Trying to suck people into hard selling techniques like “closing”, “objection handling” or using any pressure is as successful as trying to push a string uphill!

Here’s the secret to solving sales problems: Solve your marketing problems and sales problems will go away!

Using these techniques to get qualified, motivated and interested prospects into your marketing funnel exclusively, and make the right emotional connections with them... they will buy without anyone having to sell!

Once you have the perfectly targeted prospects who have voluntarily chosen to be in front of you... how much “selling” do you have to do?

How hard do you have to push people who are already interested by definition?

Another huge point.

If you only have a small number of prospects or appointments or traffic into your store or whatever…when you do get a “live one” you have to close them or you don’t eat! Right?

I mean, if you’re seeing the only potential customer you have seen all day, your natural instinct is going to be to “push” to make a sale happen.

On the other hand, when you have a never ending river of interested prospects flowing into your business…you couldn’t care less if one or another says they “have to think about it”, or “talk to my associates” or whatever.

Your response when you have no one to talk to is to try and pressure them into being sold.

  • But…when you have more people coming into your business than you can handle, you truly won’t care if someone gives you a stall of some kind.  You’ll say, “Great. Let me know when you’re ready. Nice to talk to you.”  You won’t care because there’s a “next guy” to talk to right away!  And you know what else happens when you truly don’t care if someone buys or not?  They buy more and faster!
  • The less desperation they sense from you, the more likely they are to buy. If they smell a broke business person pushing them…they run for the hills! When you don’t care if they do something, and are sincere in your non-concern…you appear tremendously successful and people are drawn to buy from successful people! This is the truth you may not have understood before. Please think about it!

Secret # 11: Using The Right Media For Your Advertising That Delivers The Right Audience To You When The Prospects Are Receptive And Ready For Your Message…And That Can Be Tracked And Accounted For!

What The Internet Is Totally Perfect For!

Choosing where to place your now improved message that stimulates responses is the final step in the success system!

As technology has progressed, and as society becomes more complicated, specialized and fragmented…you must look hard to find the best place to advertise.

The two requirements are that: 1.  You get to the right people when they’re receptive to you, and 2.  That you can track and monitor your results!

See, even if you develop the right advertising copy, and you find the right audience…it’s still not very useful if you can’t tell whether or not what you’re doing is working at a cost affordable level!

You have to be able to measure and track what you do to determine if it’s paying or not.

One of the biggest mistakes for small business people is to imitate the Fortune 100 companies that spend hundreds of millions on image advertising that no one has a clue as to whether or not it’s working and bringing in more money then it costs.

They don’t know, and they don’t care because they have the budgets to flush money down the toilet, assuming that they get name recognition and recall…thus supposedly leading to more sales.

Listen. This doesn’t work for them, and it certainly won’t work for you.

They can afford to do it because they are so big and have so much money, they have the ability to play games with the shareholder’s money.

You don’t have that luxury.

Sure, name recognition is important, but only if it’s accompanied with immediate and profitable advertising while you’re building up a brand and name for yourself.

Ads must pay NOW!

Here’s where the Internet steps in as the most incredibly profitable marketing and advertising tool ever invented!!!

A requirement of smart advertising is that it can be tracked and measured for effectiveness.

This is just not negotiable.

If you spend a buck promoting your business…you had better get more than a dollar back in the immediate future!

How would you know this if you run image type advertising like the big companies do to “get your name out there”?

How can you tell if an ad that says, “Serving the Bay Area’s needs for 17 years. Give us a call so we can help you!” is working?

How do you measure the effectiveness of getting more money back than the ad costs with copy that says, “We only use the finest ingredients. Try us, and you’ll see why we’re the best selling widget in the Midwest!”?

The answer is YOU CAN’T!

Therefore, by our new definition, this type of name recognition advertising is too costly and wasteful to be relied upon.

But…using Small Business Marketing Magic, Emotional Response Marketing teamed up with the Internet, and you have a marketing weapon so potent it could blast your former competitors into oblivion!

See, the Internet has been touted as the biggest money making opportunity ever.

Since it is so inexpensive, people have told you that all you have to do is get a web site, run some banner ads, and you’re rich.

Well, this isn’t true…but it’s very close!

The other worldly power of the Internet comes from using it the right way…which is to have your web site suck people in like a tractor beam, get their permission to follow up with them and let them become big buyers of your products and services!

The Internet is the most amazing tool ever devised, when used correctly!

This means no “spam” (unsolicited) email and no expecting to have search engines magically drive people your site.

You have to follow the formula we just talked about, and once they come to you, and give you permission to follow up, you’ll see your business explode like a fireworks display on the Fourth of July!

The secret of the Internet is the communication mechanisms it has built in that can be tracked better than any accountant could only imagine!

Using the techniques we’ve discussed with this tool can build a business so fast it’s scary.

We saw a business grow by more than 400% in one quarter using the Internet the way we’ve described. There’s no other marketing tool that can do that. Period.

A word of caution. Many companies lose their butts on the Internet.

This applies to more than 9 out of 10 companies with an on-line presence.

Why? Because they do the same dumb things with the Internet that they do with all the other promotion they run…and hence, lose their ass!

You cannot build up an image or get name recognition on-line and hope to pay the bills.

You MUST use the same psychological principles we’ve discussed on-line if you are going to be in the smart 10% who make so much money on-line that people think they are printing money in their basement!

Think about the whole picture we’ve painted for you here:

  • We’ve told you what advertising needs in order to be effective.
  • We’ve told you about delivering the right message and testing it to make sure it works before you spend even more.
  • We’ve told you that targeting your audience so you match up the right message to the right market is critical…
  • ...and we’ve told you that you have to find the perfect location to advertise!

Now, if any of this interests you, all you have to do is: Click here for our Special Confidential Report so you can discover this new amazing way to bring in money with advertising that actually works...

What have you got to lose? The report is FREE and the worst thing that can happen is you might waste a little time, and learn something.

How can that be a problem, especially compared with the problem of having a great business that doesn’t make enough money?

Go ahead and Do it NOW, while this is fresh on your mind, and before your competitors get wind of this amazing new way to bring in the money with advertising that actually works and pays for itself!

Listen to what some of our clients have to say...

“I think the course is phenomenal! In early January '97 we started marketing the sales letter and by February 25th we've had $6000.00 in orders. I wish I had started sooner. This course worked better than I expected.”

- Paul C. - Superior, CO.

“...the experience with your program has been exceptional… I can’t say enough positive about it. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in business for myself! Thanks!”

- David D., Dallas, TX

“I already have a successful business. Jeff’s ‘type’ of marketing has increased the effectiveness of my direct marketing dramatically. Everything is worth 10 times what I’ve paid for it!”

- Al. R. Chicago, Il

“In a world of self-serving, self-appointed, know it all marketing gurus, it was extremely tough for me to believe one over the other, not to mention (but I will) how much money I spent testing their methods. Failure after failure, each new marketing course was more disappointing than the previous. After first purchasing the “101 Secrets”, I left it on the shelf for about 6 months. Then I read it, along with the newsletters I got. It made sense. I ran an ad in a local “Penny-Saver” type paper for dirt cheap. To make a long story longer, I received a total of about 200 leads… I made 12 to 15 appointments a week for about 8 weeks and made a little over $72,000. Since Jan. ’96, I’ve averaged about $10,000/mo. working about 20 hours a week. Yes, I’m lazy and $10,000/mo. suits me just fine! Thanks”

- Michael N. CT

“Getting involved with your course was the single best investment I’ve ever made. To this day (over 2 years later), I still use your course every week. The results of studying your material? I gross between $ 30-$ 60,000 a month with my product. My previous career had some things that were wonderful and great about it but quite honestly it’s like night and Day compared to what I’m doing now- I’m doing what I want to do, how I want to do it, and I really am my own boss. My time really belongs to me. I’m really having a ball, it’s a lot of fun! I feel a deep sense of gratitude to you. Thank you so very much for your help!”

- Mike C. Decatur,GA

"I wanted to let you know how you system is working for me. So far, I’ve received 78 orders at $849.00 and I haven’t even sent out the second notice! Even though I have a practicing career, as a result of direct response marketing, I have hired another person to treat my patients in the morning so I can run my business out of my home on the hill; and yes, sometimes in my underwear! I’m really enjoying it. Now, I work 3 afternoons at my office collecting $35,000 a month there, and thanks to you, I’m on course to collect $50,000 – $60,000 a month in about 2-3 months with my home business. Even though I’m far from an expert in lead generation, there can’t be anything out there that a “beginner” can do with such dramatic results in such a short period of time. I really do owe it to you.”

- Ben A. Haywood, CA

“I’ve already made over $80,000 a month using the information that I guesstimate will catapult my sales to over $100,000 in the next couple months. I highly recommend ANYONE interested in making NOT just a ‘good living’, but making MEGA-MONEY get this course… I challenge someone to be able to sit down with this course and not make $10 – $20,000 in a month!”

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“Great! Best collection of pure MONEY-MAKING ideas ever presented!”

- David J. MI

“Without this information, we probably would be either out of business or miserable. Thanks again for all of your help, guidance…, and marketing support!”

- Brian B. CT

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