51 Most Creative Business CardsBusiness cards, the staple business marketing piece to any business.

Have you heard the saying: Always be closing?

Well I am adding my own saying: Always be marketing.

Jeff Paul once said that every piece of marketing you produce should have a headline one it. You shouldn’t produce or send out one marketing piece that doesn’t have a headline on it.

I agree because I am a direct response marketer too, but for everyone else… it should at least have your marketing message on it. Whether branding or for direct response, you need to stay on that prospects or customers mind as much as you can, right?

I found a cool post by Neil Patel over at QuickSprout.com titled 51 Creative Business That Will Make You Look twice.

There are 51 of the most creative business cards that you can model. These are creative ways to present your company, with your business card, and stay on that persons mind.

If you would like to discover some really creative ways to design your business cards check out this post 51 Creative Business That Will Make You Look twice…

Here’s to all the success that you can handle,



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