If you CAN’T grab your market’s attention, you won’t have a business.

No matter how much you may want to see what’s going on in the rest of picture, your eyes keep going back to that hand in your way…grabbing your attention.

Your sales letter, “salesmanship”, and your sales communication depends upon it.

Any time that you communicate with your prospects and customers, no matter if it is through video, in person, on the phone, or even in a sales letter…it’s what we call having a conversation?

So, how can you have a conversation with someone if you don’t have their attention.

6 Ways To Get Your Markets Attention

1. Headlines: Are the “ad for your ad”. I don’t remember who first said this, Kennedy, J. Paul, Sugerman…I don’t know…I just know that it’s true. Your market will read your headline first. If it doesn’t convince them that they should continue reading, then the whole rest of your message doesn’t even matter.

Every piece of marketing or advertising that you have should have an attention-grabbing headline on it.

Why? Because headlines grab attention…And you can’t have the conversation that will eventually lead to a sale if you don’t first grab their attention. If it’s in person, then your headline is your “elevator pitch”.

That goes for business cards, fliers, sales letters, websites, email marketing, banners, articles…Everything! And the BIGGER, more benefit, more curiosity, more newsy headlines get the most attention.

2. Entertainment: Your market is bored! Heck, everyone is bored. They are looking for ways to be entertained. We all love entertainment. So, whenever you can tie entertainment into your marketing message, you’ll have a winner…But don’t mistake this with ads you see at Super Bowl time. Those are for a very different purpose altogether.

Those are image ads and are for branding purposes. I mean, entertainment tied in with direct response advertising, and then you’ll see viral responses to ads that produce leads, and then sales and instantly, not down the road.

3. Interesting: This is so important – more so for keeping attention than getting it. There is always this argument going on about how long sales-letters or sales conversations should be. Here’s the answer: They should be long enough to communicate your whole sales message, but NEVER be boring. The minute your message or your conversation gets boring and uninteresting, you’ll lose their interest, and then you’ll lose their attention. Keep all communication between you and your market interesting. You can do this with news, or by being funny, or explaining benefits, or provoking curiosity.

4. WIIFM: This stands for “What’s In It For Me?”. Your conversations with your market must answer a streaming question that’s going on in your prospects head…”What’s in it for me?” This is what they are asking themselves, and if you give them a reason, something they find beneficial that answers this question, you’ll have a lead or a customer.

If you don’t, you won’t. We all buy everything we own based on benefit(s). There is something that the product does for me that benefits me in some kind of way. The stronger the benefit, the more response you’ll have.

5. News (Free, New, Special): News pulls people in. Why? Because news is an interesting, shocking, crazy story, and we all love stories. What’s really cool about news is that it doesn’t look like advertising…

…And if it doesn’t look like advertising, then you don’t have as much resistance in getting your marketing or advertising read. Thus, increasing your chances of getting your market’s attention.

6. Curiosity: Ahhh, the power of curiosity. We are ALL nosy. We like knowing the little secrets about something. So, make your market curious about something at the beginning of your conversation and don’t reveal the answer to them until later. This will not only grab your market’s attention, it will hold their attention.

Grabbing your market’s ATTENTION is the most important part of your marketing and advertising efforts. Without their attention, you can’t have a conversation, and with having a conversation, you can’t make any sales.

Grabbing & keeping attention is easy, and I’d love to give you my FREE report that will show you exactly how to do that. Grab it here: How to grab attention, get leads, and make more money from my business

Here’s to all the success that you can handle,

Kenney 🙂


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