I thought it was the fuel pump at first in the tank, but i replaced that for a new one and it's still there. When I took it home the engine light was on went back to the dealer the next day they reset it but it came on again, but this time the electronic Throttle Control light also lit up and the dealer is saying it was because I changed the Tires & wheels!!! Hoping for the best. When I started the Jeep back up, the light was off and the Jeep was running fine. Please The engine light, electronic throttle control light and stability control light come on, the Jeep runs very rough and will not accelerate. Is there a way to reset my computer/electronic throttle control on my 2011 DODGE Journey SE 3 Answers. After pulling over and turning the car off and back on the engine light stays on and the other lights go off but after driving a bit the problem occurs again. The system cannot function when something disrupts the signal such as an issue with the relay control, a loose electrical wire, or a damaged sensor. To correct any accidental changes in throttle body calibration, use these procedures to recalibrate. Hi Guys, Yesterday backing out of my garage, I let the Jeep idol for a good 5 minutes. After an extensive search to find a "just right for me" Grand Cherokee, I just bought a 2015 Overland Eco two weeks ago, and today had this exact same problem (service electronic throttle control message, and went into limp mode). The Jeep seemed to lose about 50% power and struggled climbing even the shallowest grades. https://www.quadratec.com/c/reference/jeep-ecu-electronic-control-unit-reset place ignition in run position with out starting,depress gas pedal and release within 2 seconds (1up,1down) you should hear a confirmation ding if done properly,the throttle control should now be reset to know when u have open throttle As you already know the ETC controls the throttle through an electric signal. I just bought a Jeep Majove 2011. I've had intermittent issues with the ETC for about a year now. Note: These procedures are a little tricky to do. When driving sometimes the ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) light is flashing on the dash, but at the same time it starts flashing there is a whining coming from under the jeep. I replaced my battery, When I started up the vehicle the ETC light was on, and now I have no acceleration when I step on the gas peddle it just idles. ETC has a very important function to perform. Resetting The Throttle Body Calibration (this step is conditional) A Rough Idle or a SES can sometimes be caused by a change in the throttle body position sensor calibration. The engine management light is also on all the time. When it first happened, it was going down the highway, the ETC light came on, then check engine, then the car entered limp mode. In addition to an ECU, there are many other small electronic components such as an Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). I dropped it off at my local Jeep dealership (not where I bought it) tonight. When it was safe, I pulled off to the side of … The dash light came on Electronic Throttle Control light and then I shut the engine off. In older cars, the throttle position was determined by a cable that opened the throttle depending on how hard you pressed the accelerator pedal. Any thoughts!!!!! One of the most common electronic throttle control problems is the intermittent response from the throttle controller. All of the sudden the engine started to sputter and it felt like the pistons started to miss fire. I was driving home from northern Michigan today and about an hour into the three hour trip I heard a ding and the EVIC showed a lighting bolt with a warning that said Service Electronic Throttle Control and the MIL came on as well.