And the best way to understand other cultures is to learn about their recreational and celebratory customs. There was a time where you couldn’t get past an IG dancer’s feed without catching this dance in one shape or another. Dancers feel the beat as they are creating it. And it’s difficult to invest in trends because it could be gone by tomorrow. But when pulled off so effortlessly, it actually slaps. We’re back again recapping the year’s biggest dance trends for you! Without further ado, here are RenRico’s Top 10 dance trends of 2019! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Samoan dance, it could be from Madagascar or even India! In tandem with these, the types of music one dances to, also undergoes a radical evolution. People who enjoy dance will want to be drawn back to the classics, and understand how their favorite modern techniques got its roots. Here are a few of today's contemporary Jamaican dance hall moves: From the original “Harlem Shake” to Soulja Boy’s “Superman” dance, GlobalGrind gathered every shuffle, shake, wop, dougie, and hustle. Sometimes it’s an amateur dancer and sometimes it’s a seasoned pro; and sometimes it’s an upcoming dancer (and the support of the public propels them forward). The year’s #1 dance trend belongs to none other than the “Kangsta Wok”. It doesn’t matter if you speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, or whatever. Ellen’s a huge fan of dance and has invited many guests onto her show from the dance scene. If swing isn’t your area of expertise, try offering other dance styles that get couples or friends into your studio together. In several animated Chinese videos, you can see the dancing moves so in this challenge you will have to mimic the moves performed by the stickman. Start with the basic tapping step, and then learn the traditional, alligator and fly arm moves to go with it. Social media is the best way to “go viral” as a dance studio. © 2021 WellnessLiving Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. Jay Walk. Anytime you see a dance move with a brisk arm and head lock, whether in dance sessions or videos from your favorite social media app, the dance move was likely birthed from the Woah. Enjoy, share and do not forget to dance. But it’s the foreign culture element that made it a cult classic. But with all the changes that we’ve seen in modern dance, some things stay the same. 50% off selected plan! The good news is that if you’re sick of seeing the “Floss” dance all over the internet, a new craze is gaining traction online. This year the Litefeet dance style got its additional spotlight. The “JayWalk” seemingly started as a joke in dance sessions, created by artist, Jackson. 32 count 2 wall INTERMEDIATE. Watch the "Bye Bye Bye" music video here. Stick Man Dance-Off Challenge is a popular Tik Tok trending dance challenge where you will have to channelise your inner stickman. The dance looks its best when your whole crew is hitting it together. Think of it as moving in a square motion. We’re saying that although there are still people who enjoy this genre, you don’t often hear people say they’re going to go to swing dancing everyday. Let us know what you think about these dances in the comments section below. The “JayWalk” seemingly started as a joke in dance sessions, created by artist, Jackson. your dance as an in-game Emote, you know it’s hit peak hype. So allow your dance studio to follow suit. We hope this list serves as a celebration of this year’s creativity. We don’t know what this year will be for us, so we can’t say for sure who and what will go viral. Couples and friends can come in and have fun dancing together, and you get to listen to classics 50s or 60s swing music (which we foresee being remixed into ‘new’ 2019 tracks). The funny thing about the Macarena is that when it’s translated the lyrics are inappropriate for children. What do we mean by that? Well, if you’re a modern or contemporary studio then you’d better have both eyes peeled on what’s trending! Your head shimmies left-right while doing so. Well, if you’re a tap dance studio, it’s easy! But we foresee a trend where the tap of metal feet is heard along with drums or a hip hop track. The RobotThis is a complete classic for those who can’t dance. Break dance. Instead of stopping for a clean hit like with the former dance, the Windmill Hit keeps the energy going. Looking to promote your new trend-inspired classes? Beyoncé - 'Single Ladies' Beyonce is one of the biggest artists ever, so it was only a matter of time … For your dance studio, it’s a win-win because you get two people stepping into your studio for the price of two! Remember the Macarena? We just hope that the person who ‘popularizes’ the dance will give the originating country its credit rather than appropriating it for themselves! For your upper body, you have options of swinging your arms, drumming your arms, or freestyling. For instance, the dance styles of the 1920s and 1930s were more or less marked by simplicity and groovy moves … Repeat again, but to the right: lean/slide back, then lean/slide to the right, then cross your arms. And make sure to follow our Lit Dance Instagram account where we feature new dancers and content every day. Throughout the year, this dance could be found everywhere from dance circles, to social media, to dance studio choreography and beyond. These internet trends include anything from makeup, fitness, fashion, as well as countless other things. If you followed dance content on social media in 2019, there’s zero doubt that you’ve come across a video augmented with glowing visual effects. But that didn’t stop the song from becoming a part of our culture. The “Chicago Bop” has been around for at least over half a decade now. Dance: The Dougie Los Angeles rapper, Blueface, got his first Billboard 100 hit with the song “Thotiana” and the Bust Down got to ride its wave. How can dance studios adopt this projected trend in their studio today? Then move with the next one. It’s upbeat style of energy is well suited for your next turn-up session. This fun dance was created by the artist, Chonkie, back as early as 2009. Although it was the usual pastime for people in the 50s and 60s, it seems to have dropped off the mainstream. If you’re a modern or contemporary dance studio then you’d better have both eyes peeled on what’s trending! And just like that, the old is new again! It became so popular that somebody translated it to English so English speakers could dance and sing along. Dance Trends; These moves are straight out of the 1960s! Kids, teens, and adults all knew the dance back then, and they still know it now. We’re the only app where you can add music and effects to your videos, collab with others, and even get paid as a dancer. Your other hand is usually left up in the air. We’re here to support you during COVID-19! This is because tap dance creates its own beat and rhythm for people to hear and enjoy. Dance trends tend to come into play during the spring and summer months. We’re about to make some very educated guesses for your sake. The dance: Take small steps forward while alternate dipping your head and shoulders at every step, like you’re walking down a flight of stairs. While most of us will practice in secret (hey, YouTube is a resource of information) to let our children know we're still hip, who says we can't pull something out of our own library? These moments are hard to predict. In 2010, a group named Cali Swagg District made a song called “Teach Me How to Dougie” and their video went viral. Talking about viral dance moves calls for remembering the old-world dance moves we have been shaking on, since back in the 90s. If you’ve studied the history of dance then you know where tap comes from. Instead, modern dances (such as hip hop) have become the mainstream. The dance: Raise one arm up almost like a flex and raise the opposite le… We got you covered! Book you free, no-commitment demo today to see how WellnessLiving can help you dance your way to success.Â. It is a street dance that was first popularised by Michael … Unlike other dance trends on TikTok, the "Gimme Some" challenge is unique in that it went through a string of variations and transformations during the height of its popularity in December 2019. Since then, hundreds of videos like these were created and countless other visual effect artists joined in on the fun. Well, swing edges out hip hop and other modern dance disciplines because it offers a dancing style that encourages bonding. You’ve heard of swing dancing right? … Hoofers utilize their feet, aiming to imitate the sound of drums. The dance: Grab the front of your pants, twisting it up and down while bending your knees at the same time. These marketing tools will also help you gain new customers, continue to inspire current ones, and regain old customers who dropped off along the way. It feels accessible. It was a joy watching the dance community grow along side all these dances. It is closely related to hip-hop. Before it was called the "In My Feelings" or Kiki challenge, this dance … Today Classical tappers use their upper bodies and arms to move like ballet or jazz dancers. We have checked, and these are the top 13 Nigerian dances of all time. As it turns out, dance content combined with these glowing effects is really fun to watch and many would often go viral. The Robot has been featured in … Let's watch trending dance challenge 2019 and do it by yourself. The dances from those videos were almost immediately emulated on Instagram, Facebook, and on YouTube. Dance trends are one of the delightful ways that happens, and TikTok has rounded up the top 10 from 2019. Kids today are always making up some dance steps that become a viral craze. Silento struck gold with his 2015 release Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - a song that, thanks to its catchy dance move, catapulted the 17-year-old to global fame. But like all hip-hop and its Culture, trends of the past affect those of today. There was quite a bit of drama over who actually “created” the Woah, but we can safely say that the dance originates from Texas. Released in 1994, Macarena was the most popular of the dance moves on the face of the earth. So it’s up to you to seize those moments and make them your own. We say that because people like dances that encourage them to move in their own way. It’s also hard to say how you (the dance studio owner) can apply the trends in ways that will interest your students. We say that because people like dances that encourage them to move in their own way. Social media is the best way to “go viral” as a dance studio. Dance artists/teams like The W.A.F.F.L.E Crew, Kid The Wiz, Larry Smoove, and Emilie Brooklyn have been pushing this style forward for a while now. In other words, music and dance are huge parts of culture: they speak about society, and they draw attention. Â. This year’s countdown starts off with the “Bust Down” dance coming out the West Coast. If you’re a modern dance teacher, then you know how much your genre has evolved over time. The catchy Spanish lyrics and the unique dance made it popular. Expert gogo dancers, the Pontani sisters, are here to teach you their favorite, basic dance moves. So, for forecasting sake, we predict that the next dance that goes viral will be a traditional Samoan dance to a rap beat. At RenRico, we believe the beautiful thing about dance is that it’s a universal language. Can you think of other dances we might have missed? It’s fun to look back and see which dances stuck around or evolved over time. The person who invented the dance move is known as Limpopo Boy, the dance move was invented in 2019 and he named it "Sdudla Dance".Limpopo Boy's real name Mahlatse Robert Matome … We’re starting it off with a dance that made it into 2017’s list, but this time it has a twist. When you and your crew made it onto The Ellen Show several times, you know you’ve taken your dance movement to the next level. The dance turned a regular clap into a move that looked hard when hit on beat. If you see a dope dance, you can join in. Regardless, we enjoyed watching all of them blow up through the year. Planning an event to increase your community engagement? And we can be sure that other North American and international performers will do the same this year. This one was done with some shoulder action. It’s fully called the “Smackdown like Scooda”, named after it’s creator Scooda. "HBS" "HBS," which stands for "Hood Baby Shit," is a song by Lil Keed that was all over TikTok. And when Fortnite adds (steals?) And that’s what the Kangsta Wok embodied this year. This year’s list touches on dance moves and trends originating from all over the USA – California, Texas, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, and more. The dance move was named after the famous rapper Doug E. Fresh, who used to do the dance … Over the past couple of years, one of the most popular trends have been different dance moves. What makes a dance trendy depends on many moving parts (including the current political and social climate). Do all this while moving side to side. The dance: With your upper body, lean/slide back, then lean/slide to the left, then cross your arms. And although you shouldn’t lose your studio style for a trend, keeping things fresh will help keep you in business. Can’t wait to see what 2020, and the new decade, brings out of dance and the Culture. The dance: Clap your hands while extending your arms fully outward. A tap dance hybrid will rise the ranks in 2019. Dance Rites 2019 rocks the Sydney Opera House – in pictures Abigail Delaney and Dharpaloco Yunupingu from Jannawi Dance Clan atop the Sydney Opera House Sails before Dance Rites 2019. It's no coincidence they performed the song and dance at their 2013 semi-reunion at the VMAs. The dance trend rode on the spread of a very rhythmic Congolese sound of the same name. But as a dance that originated from dance session circle vibes, the move looks its best when hit together with others “rokk’n out” together. Some dances were accompanied by hit music singles, some went viral strictly over social media, and others were best thrown into dance circles just with your friends. Everyday, through social media trends are destroyed and created. Throughout the early part of 2019, there was a dance move that took over the “IG dancer” scene. But we foresee cultural dances will continue to be popular. The point is to encourage people to see dance as something that should be enjoyed together at your studio! He did it in the "Thotiana" music video and now whenever the song is played, people default to that same dance move. We can help! Tap dance has its roots in a mix of traditional African dances kept by diaspora slaves in the United States. The dance originated about a decade ago out of the Bay Area but Blueface brought it back and took it viral this past year. Almost every spring and summer month saw a new music video dance go viral. Of course, if you’re a ballet studio, try offering beginner classes that encourage learning the discipline in an organic way. Swing-dance is a style of dance that sees one dancer lift, flip, and spin their partner. The “Woah” was last year’s number #1 dance and it still hasn’t left anywhere yet in 2019. Let the forecasting begin: Music is hardly ever used in tap dance. Why? We’re the creators of the best app made specifically for the dancer community, RenRico, and every year we recap the most impactful dances coming out from the scene. This year’s second spot probably brings the most swag of the countdown. If you want to be a studio who is talked about (in a good way of course!) The dance move was created several years ago by Isaiah Sosho of The Future Kingz dance group. So, if you’re a dance studio looking to offer more to your students or if you want to stand out from the crowd, offer swing! After these dances came the ska (fast movements of the hips and flailing of the arms between the legs) and rock steady (slow movements of the hips and arms being held close to the body) which has culminated into dance hall moves consisting of a vast combination of movements. Dance studio owners can capitalize on this forecast by offering classical dance at their modern dance studios. This move hits probably the hardest out of our whole top ten. That’s a wrap for 2019! "In My Feelings" Challenge. WellnessLiving offers an all-in-one dance studio software solution to help manage your business with ease. We’re now available on both iOS and Android! Definitely one of the most notable TikTok dances right now is Renegade, which goes to the song “Lottery” by K CAMP. Makossa; In many ways, makossa may have been the first dance trend of the 2000s. We predict that 2019 is the year that it will come back. If you want to create a trend (rather than just participate in them) then you have to use social media to your advantage. Meanwhile, try to keep your height consistent for the best visual effect. The “CitiRokk” comes from Atlanta, created by CitiBoyRio. Not everyone can take choreographed direction, and tap feels and looks like something that people can move to (even though it’s often choreographed). The dance: A mix of footwork shuffles, hat and shoe tricks, and impressive acrobatics including pole work if you catch this on the subway. This next dance, the “Smeeze”, comes straight out of the Bay Area, Oakland. GlobalGrind decided gather up all the hilarious dance crazes that have hit the nation over the past decade. The jumps and hand waves have come to be a shorthand for all boyband choreography. Now repeat the whole thing but lean/slide forward instead! Sung by Los Del Rio, it was a hit back in 95,96 and 97. Lifeline by Reuben Gray | 17/17 | … The dance: Bend your knees, open and close your legs almost like butterfly wing steps, while arms are freestyled. Both forms of dance revolve largely around what’s going on in society and what you can make out of it. Trends are made by everyday people who share things that interest them. Since it’s explosion onto the dance scene a year ago, it’s only blended into the Culture and evolved. While making the clap, spread your legs outward to give a dip move simultaneously. The dance has made it’s way to most high energy dance circles across the South, USA. See you next year , Your email address will not be published. When it comes to boosting interest for your dance studio, implementing fresh dance trends into your curriculum may be just the way to do it! And because it’s 2019, people will find themselves recording their own version of tap dancing (to any genre of music) and posting it online. 2010: The Dougie. These are the hottest dance crazes of the 2010s. Your arms can either be held up in a “huh?” way, or with elbows up and forearms hanging. As is the case with fashion, history repeats itself. The iconic dance moves of NSYNC from their 2001 song "Bye Bye Bye" have lived on years after the band broke up. The “Hit Dem Folk” is back as the “Windmill Hits”, started by the self-proclaimed creator GhostXLeo. 5 Reasons to Take Your Business Virtual Today, Keep Clients Beyond the New Year’s Resolution, Marketing Strategies for Your Business in the New Year. People love learning about other cultures. Travis Taylor. The dance: Walk forward while criss-crossing your feet. Here they are: 10. Each decade injects a completely different influence to these dance styles. The dance really took off in the Culture during 2019, even going as far as being performed by the JABBAWOCKEEZ at 2019’s NBA Finals. They might make the next top 10 list. then you’ve come to the right place. The dance originated from Blueface's move of grabbing his pants in the groin area. The latest social media dance obsession, 'the Triangle', involves three people holding on to each others shoulders and jumping in-between each other in a pattern. As it turns out, we’re not just dance trend forecasters, we’re also the software provider with a heart. If you missed last year’s list, definitely check out the Top 10 of 2018 too. Not everyone can take choreographed direction, and tap feels and looks like something that people can move to (even though it’s often choreographed). Nevertheless, you ought to know where trends come from, keep your eyes and ears open, and use those trends for all they’re worth until they run out of gas. The dance: Hit the 4th count of a beat with a hard stop (lock), putting your arms and even your head into it. Mention those too! Don’t forget, dance is all about having fun. The dance: The best way to recreate this is done via computer using software like Adobe After Effects. Dance is a huge example of that. Required fields are marked *. If you want to stay in the loop with this dance scene then download our mobile app, RenRico. The dance didn’t just go mainstream in the USA – if you go onto social media you can find videos of people all over the world hitting the Kangsta Wok. These eye-catching effects likely first gained popularity from artwork created by the animator, BlotterMedia. Learn how Virtual Training can support your clients during Coronavirus (COVID-19), Dance Trends to Boost Your Dance Studio in 2019, Forecast #1: Tap Dance Hybrids Will Rise in Popularity. The JayWalk brought fun and goofiness back to dance this year. We have a powerful collection of marketing tools that will have people talking about you and engaging with you. With the right marketing tools, you can really grab hold of trends as they’re coming in. How does this translate to your dance business? Originating out of New York City, Litefeet is a street dance often consisting of footwork shuffles like the Tone Wop, hat and shoe tricks, and impressive acrobatics. 2018 was the year of dance challenges: Drake had us dancing about his feelings (because of some girl name Kiki), and BTS hooked us with an ‘Idol’ dance. You probably heard or have seen the "John Vuli Gate" dance moves/challenge and a group of girls from Limpopo are the ones who made the challenge trend but that doesn't mean they came up with the dance moves.. You need a software system that offers an all-in-one solution that will help get your dance studio or dance teachers on the front page. And the Chicago Bop has been making its way back into freestyle dance circles this year, much outside its city of origin. The dance: For your lower body, jump on one leg while lightly tapping with the other leg. It’s a simple and fun dance move that showed up and showed out for 2019. List of Lit Dance Moves You Must Learn in 2020 (Part 2)No copyright intended. LIFELINE | Oct 2020. But modern, ballet, or jazz dance teachers can take from the lively and carefree spirit of this genre and adapt it to their own studios. However, the closest thing you can do on mobile is use the RenRico app (where you can draw on videos and augment them with effects). The truth: dance trends forecasting is somewhat unreliable. Check out the 13 most hilarious dance crazes from the past 13 years below!