As a small business owner, your always looking for effective low cost and even free strategies to increase your bottom line.

That’s the main benefit of marketing your business on the Internet. It provides Simple, effective, and low cost ways to market your small business both locally and globally at the push of a button.

In order to make any real money from your advertising you must be able to get targeted leads, turn them into customers, and be able to sell to them more than once.

If you don’t, your just kidding your self.

You will never make the money you should be.

You will never escape “the job” that should be a “business”.

You will never really be able to enjoy the lifestyle your business should and can bring you.

You need a quality product
You need traffic
You need to convert that traffic then
You need to sell new products to your existing customers again and again

How to you do this?

The absolutely most important task you can do for you business is to collect the email addresses (cell phone numbers or home address) of prospects and customers.


So that you can follow up with prospects that don’t buy on their first visit and so you can let past customers know how, when, and why they should come back to you to purchase again.

How does the Internet help you?

  • Autoresponders allow you to follow on autopilot or broadcast blast.
  • Search engines can bring you thousands of targeted traffic free.
  • Banner ads allow you to send targeted traffic to your offer for pennies.
  • eZine ads can bring you hundreds of leads a day by leveraging other peoples list.
  • Articles bring a constant flows of traffic from all over the Internet.
  • Push button Press releases reach thousands of publishers.
  • Referral marketing can spread exponentially in minutes.
  • Pay per click ads – Targeted traffic in less than 13 minutes.
  • And there is no better way to track all marketing than The Internet.
  • Joint ventures and affiliates can bring a lifetime of leads and sales or just surges of quick leads sales.

…and that’s just the beginning.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Success,

Kenneth II

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