Good late night 🙂

I hope that you are having a absolutely fantabulous day & night.


If you have questions about launching a business idea, marketing idea, or are stuck anywhere along the way…

…Today is the day that everything changes.

I am relaunching this blog, to share everything I have experienced and know about making money online, launching a successful business, and marketing that actually works.

I hope that it reaches someone that it will help.

My mom gave me a “Starbucks Cup” last year that has the saying: “Best Day Ever” on it, with confetti, and it means quite a bit to me.  Kind of like a motto of sorts.

I thought that it was perfect for this occasion.

I’m just super excited about this and what I will be sharing with you.  Kind of like one of those times that you feel that you are fulfilling a purpose.

I have been a serial entrepreneur and launcher.

“Faced so many ups & downs, and those experiences I’d love to share with you and hope that it keeps you from losing time, losing money, and will ultimately help you to reach a financial level & level of freedom that you have always wanted, dreamed about, and thought was maybe possible.”

Thank you so much for your time, for your visit, and I hope that I can give you something that will change your life, your business, your future.

Talk with you soon,

Kenney (They call me coach) and hopefully you will too one day 🙂

P.S.  If you have any questions about business, about marketing, about lifestyle business, please hit me up… I’d love to help.  Leave a comment on the blog or email me.


P.P.S.  I’m updating the look n feel of the blog to.  Thank you for your patience.  Hopefully you like the design and it helps with the flow our conversations.

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