The market that you are trying to target must be small enough, or somehow, “niched down” so that the resources that you have available to you and are willing to commit, will have a huge splash.

If there were only 100 fish in the Atlantic Ocean and I gave you a fishing pole to go and catch them or you don’t eat… you’d laugh; And say this is impossible.

But if put 100 fish in a big bucket and gave you a fishing pole to catch them or you don’t eat, you’d smile with happiness because this will be an easy task, almost assured of victory.

Same is with your marketing and advertising. Your marketing and advertising approach should target a specific niche. Not a broad market that would take to many resources and too much money to ever have successful results.

Plus you never make a connection with anyone in your market because you are speaking to everyone AND not to anyONE.

This “big fish, small pond” approach is best for every business, especially if you are a small business operating on a budget with limited resources – and really, what small business isn’t?

I often read and see the failure of small businesses. Most of the time it comes back to not targeting a passionate niche group with direct response marketing.

I know small businesses are doomed when I hear them talk about their market in a broad way. It’s just a short matter of time till they are frustrated, mad and closing up shop.

You don’t have the resources or time to try and target a “broad” market successfully. It’s almost impossible that you’ll will have success on a market that is that big and broad.

Don’t you want success?
Don’t you like going into a fight knowing that you know that you are going to win?

Then do that.

Develop a new targeted campaign, cut cost, and make more money with less headache!

Here’s to all the business you can handle,

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