1. Prospects and customers are most likely to buy from who they like and trust.

2. Your past customers are considerably more likely to buy from you again, than the new prospects that most small businesses spend all their time chasing.

3. And you already know that there must be a consistent flow of customers and sales to be profitable in your small business marketing.

A Powerful Weapon Of Influence

A study done by a pair of Canadian psychologists (Knox & Inkster, 1968) uncovered something fascinating about people at the racetrack: just after placing bets they are much more confident of their horses’ chances of winning than they are immediately before laying down the bets.

Of course, nothing about the horse’s chances actually shifts; it’s the same horse, on the same track, in the same field; but in the minds of those bettors, its prospects improve significantly once that ticket is purchased….Like other weapons of influence, this one lies deep within us, directing our actions with quiet power.
It is, quite simply, our desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done.
(R. Cialdini, Influence Science and Practice)

Cialdini, psychology professor at Arizona State University, also says “Once we make a choice or take a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment”.

Consistency & Commitment Explodes Small Business Marketing

You can use this powerful weapon of influence in you marketing by making it as easy as possible for a prospect to commit to a purchase and become a customer. It doesn’t matter how small the purchase is.

Just make it easy, simple, and small, but in line with what your prospects wants.

Once they have made that commitment, the playing field immediately changes, and there is a high level of trust, liking, and more importantly, consistency and commitment in your favor to encourage and advise future purchases.

The Easiest Sell To Make

An upsell is the easiest sell to make. On many occasions, I find that I get over 40-75% of my customers to take an upsell I offer.

Why? Because they are in the buying mood, they like and trust me, and they feel that they have to act consistently with the commitment they have just made.

Rabid Customers Unite

Once you have a customer, it is easier to sell to them than it is to sell to a new prospect. With a new prospect, you have to break through their defenses, through the commitments that they have made and get them to trust that making a commitment with you is a good decision.

A past customer already has this relationship with you and will be more inclined to purchase from you again because
they know what to expect, it’s an easy decision to make, and because there is a Powerful Weapon Of Influence working
hard on your behalf.

To Your Immediate And Lasting Small Business Success,

Kenneth II

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