So I received this email today from Rich and it starts out like this…

“If you’ve ever experienced even a twinge of information overload, here’s a unique solution that will get to the root cause of the problem once and for all.

From what I can see, most recommended solutions are Band-Aids at best. That’s because they only deal with the symptoms you’re feeling and not the root cause. So they never really eliminate the problem once and for all. Since the cause of information overload isn’t obvious, let me ask you a question.” … (Rich Schefren – Strategic Profits)

So I clicked over to what the rest of the post said. It was so good. Rich doesn’t blog much, but when he does, watch out because you’ll get some of the most explosive business growth…life freeing information there is.

Anyway, the information was so good I’m ethically stealing it as my post for the day. So, go here to get the rest of the story and the answers to these questions…

  • The underlying cause for our haphazard information gathering and it’s resulting information overload
  • The “Bunny Trail” – why your business preparation has EVERYTHING to do with productivity
  • The key to eliminating information overload (hint it has to do with value vs. known knowledge)
  • How to conquer uncertainty

The overall topic here is…How information overload is killing your freedom, growth, and prosperity. So go and check it out. When you get there the post is just below the fold on the right. Click here to eliminate information overload and flat out steal your life and business back…

To Your Immediate and Lasting Success,

Kenneth of Edwards


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    Eliminate Information Overload…

    I got this very interesting email from Rich Schfren today about Eliminating Information Overload for business growth. Check out what it said on this blog……


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