Although it’s a beautiful day here in Yuba City, California… I have some knuckle head uncles, and so I just got off the phone with my mom talking about peace.

I was telling her that it’s NOT our job to “make” anyone do anything. It doesn’t matter how much you would like them to do it… Or how much it will hurt them if they don’t do what you are trying to convince them to do.

Our job is only to “plant the seed” and when given the opportunity… “water the seed”. That’s what we have to do.

That’s when I “realized” that that’s the same thing I have been trying to get other small business owners to realize. That you can’t trick, force, or make anyone do anything that they ALREADY don’t want to do (that’s the rule).

You can “persuade” them… but they have to want to do it.

This is why it’s so important to focus your attention on dealing with ‘MOTIVATED’ buyers.

Find your market.
Find what they ALREADY want.
Find a way to give it to them.

Generate leads first.
Follow up with them on a regular basis.
Be there when they want to buy.

This concept is sooooo powerful and it will bring you peace in your business.

Your job is to find a group of people that are most likely to be interested in your “offer”.

Then present them with a non-pushy sales message and let them decide for themselves if they want it (but make them an  irresistible offer… one that they “can’t” refuse).

When you realize that you can’t force anyone to buy your products or services, then you can approach business marketing in a different way and find peace in your business.

Here’s the formula that always works:

Place lead generation ads.
Give away something FREE.
Generate leads of interested prospects.
Follow up with them on a regular basis and “let them buy stuff from you”.
Continue to follow up and “let” them buy more stuff from you.

Provide value to someones life!

IF you are having trouble in business…
IF business isn’t GREAT…
IF you don’t have more FREE time and money…


It comes back to one major problem (in most cases). You need to generate more quality leads that you can follow up with and make offers to.

Don’t abuse it… send what a “friend” would send (as Travis sago says).

This is the biggest problem of businesses. They don’t generate leads. They don’t continue to generate leads. They don’t follow up with those leads and create “mini-relationships” and build liking, trust, and authority.

They don’t create a image that says: when it comes to this… I am the only game in town.

Stop trying to force business.
Let business happen.

A. Place lead generating ads.
B. Capture contact info EVERY TIME you get a chance (email or text is a great way).
C. Follow up with good interesting information.

Keep doing it.

Even if that ad only brings you $1 a month in income… Keep finding more places to do more direct response marketing. Measure your success of ads. If it’s profitable keep it… If it’s not drop it and find more places to place more measurable income producing ads.

And that’s how you find peace in your business.

You will know that…

Today I am placing ads that will bring in more money than it cost.
Today I am making money.
Today I am building a list of “interested prospects” that will buy more stuff later.
Today I am finding peace.

That’s how you build your business.

Sorry if this starts to sound like a rant, but dang it… That’s just the way it is.

The only time I have EVER had business problems it was because I wasn’t generating leads. I wasn’t following up and loving on them…

Action Plan For Today

1. Set up a page where you can capture leads (or new text message keyword)
2. Go and place a “direct response ad” that will send traffic to that page with tracking in place.
3. Write at least 1 follow up email.

That’s it. DO that today, find peace tomorrow.

Need help?

Here’s how to find peace in your business

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    • Kenney

      Hey Val how are you? (& thanks) I wanted to write this post because so many people are starting a home business or small business, and I see that they are hurting. Business has been more of a downer than a pick me up and I don’t like what I am seeing.

      I personally believe that home & local small brick & mortar businesses are the FUTURE. They just need a little guidance.

      It was the beginning of a slew of post & videos to come as I have just launched the revamp of this blog. Talk to you soon.


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