One of the most important parts of your marketing and copy-writing firepower is your “swipe file”.

If you want to create copy that sells, see your business create customers and attain repeat customers, who refer you, and do all this time and time again, then you will need and want a powerful swipe file.

A great swipe file is simply a collection of the hottest, most proven marketing and sales materials you can get your hands on.

When you have a great swipe file, it’s easy to sit down and come up with a marketing and sales campaign that you know will bring in money time and time again with ease. Don’t reinvent the wheel, get in that darn car and drive it.

What Does This Have To Do With Get Google Ads Free?

Right now, it holds the #1 spot in the Clickbank market place… & (at the time of this writing) is one of the hottest most successful selling eBooks of all time.

Clickbank has over 110,000 affiliates promoting products in their marketplace and there are thousands of products to choose from. So, why are so many choosing this product to promote?

…because it is selling…and selling well!

Get the Whole “Get Google Ads Free” Marketing Campaign!

Right now, I urge you to go over to and print up or save their sales letter in your swipe file. Then, go and look at the affiliate page and swipe it too. You get to look at all of their successful ads, emails, classifieds, Press Releases, web-copy, affiliate recruitment, audio ads, and more…

Look at how they speak to their market. Pay attention at how well they match the solution to a problem that so many people are searching for the answer to. Check out their huge promises, and their USP (Unique Selling Position).

They have done a brilliant job with their marketing!

If you want, sign up for the free report, and “ethically steal” their follow-up series. Then, buy the product to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

You can begin to “ethically steal” their marketing, sales, and advertising campaign right here, right now…

Keep in mind that Dr. Jon (the creator of Get Goole Ads Free) claims to have sold over $300 Million in products which resulted in over $166 Million in profits, and has devised a method that has acquired over $87 Million in Pay Per Click Ads he never had to pay for out of his own pocket.

He used a pretty well known strategy to offset his advertising cost and “let his ads ride free”.

It’s a controversial product and marketing campaign because some people feel that the product doesn’t live up to the marketing claim in the sales material!  But, the marketing still converts well, and is a great marketing lesson.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Small Business Success,

Kenney Edwards Jr.

P.S. I mean…check out this Classified Ad They Wrote Below. You’ve gotta admit, it gets your attention:

Get the secret that made 1 man worth over
$300 million because he found a way to beat
Google’s system so that he gets all his pay-
per-clicks for FREE, while others have to pay.
“Get Google Ads FREE!”


Attention: Business Owners:

“How To Get More Customers And Increase The Effectiveness of All Your Ads, Letters, Promotions and Brochures”…  How To Get More Customers In A Month Than You Now Get All Year…


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  1. swipe file

    I agree with statement that is swipe file is the most important part of your marketing and copy-writing power.The swipe file should contain good and genuine information if your doing marketing on Television Product your swipe file should contain good quality product details and the information should understand by the customer easily.your swipe file information should be change for every week.

    • Kenney

      Yes, swipe files are great. They save time, money, and can help you grow your business at amazing rates by helping you get more responses to your advertising and marketing efforts.


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