Amidst the shake ups that have been going on online, there are so many small business that have to rethink the way that they do business online.

So many small business relied so heavily on Google Search for advertising and marketing.

But it is becoming extremely fierce, expensive, and unreliable.

What do you do?

Is Google still the bees knees in the advertising space or should you be looking elsewhere?

Here’s the summary: find where your market hangs out and try to reach them with some kind or piece of measurable marketing.

Use the Google Content/Display Network.  Not using the Display Network is crazy. You can get clicks for 1/8 to 1/3 of the search bids depending on the keywords and market.

Small business have been buying ad spots in newspapers, magazine, trade journals, direct mail, and other websites for years. Then Google comes along and everyone forgets that (before Google, yes… there was a before Google) people bought traffic from other search engines AND more importantly… directly from the sources… other people’s websites, newsletters, and list… learn how to access “other people’s people”…

The content network works, has worked, and will continue to work just fine.  If it doesn’t work (meaning you can’t use it to find a ad or offer that converts) then it’s probably not the fault of Google’s network…

But that… your ad sucks, your copy on your page sucks, your follow up sequence is bad or you are targeting the wrong audience.

The Display Network is just as good as running an ad anywhere else and it can be as targeted as you want it to be (in terms of reaching a market).

You pick the keywords, you create the ads, you create the landing pages, you decide how much to pay, and you can cut off any site that isn’t converting for you. Cut your losses and keep the winners. And you can adjust your budget to any amount.

Focus on Leads first. Now-a-days it’s tougher to get someone to give you their email address, but it is GOLD. They don’t want to give it out because the don’t want to be spammed.

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You just have to build a little more trust on the landing page and give them something of a higher value than you could get away with 5 years ago. It could be a secret, a twist, a discount.

Use the “Re-marketing” Campaign… Google has a cool (newish) campaign that you can use… it’s called remarketing. This means that you can show ads only to people that have visited your website before. There are all types of options here to… like how many times to show the ad, what you want the ad to say, and how many times after their last visit.

It’s one of the neatest and effective ways to use Google Adwords advertising.  You basically have your company message following them around the internet…reminding them to come back and do business with you.

Don’t forget about YouTube. The problem is that so many business “spam” YouTube, offer no value, and just try to game the system and then get shocked when Google or YouTube doesn’t really send them any traffic or the traffic doesn’t convert.

YouTube is THE largest video search engine in the world and the second largest search engine to Google only. But YouTube videos rank in Google, so…. hmmm…. you get the best of both worlds. Find the conversations that are already going on in your target market and use those to create videos.

runningawayfromgoogleGoing Waaaaay Away From Google

Take your successful ads from Google and try them on other networks. Google Adwords is a a great testing grounds, but they aren’t the only game in town.

Don’t put all your eggs in their basket. It’s to unreliable.


So, any ad or message that you can get to work, scale it out to other ad networks other websites, forum or blogs and the like. Then take it offline and place an ad in a magazine that your target market reads. Turn that into a direct mail campaign and test that.

Test on Google & Bing –> Take converting ads to other Ad Networks or buy directly from individual sites

For large budgets ($10,000+ insertion orders) try Yahoo. If you have a larger budget, try Yahoo. Yahoo Advertising Solutions has a huge piece of the market when it comes to banner/display advertising. You don’t hear as much about them because you have to bring more money to the table so there is less people talking about them.

TRADE TRADE TRADE. You’ve heard the saying, that someone somewhere already has what I need. If you apply that to business, someone already has the attention of your target audience. You can leverage that attention. Find out what they want or need that you have and trade.

That could be ad swaps, email marketing, article swaps, banner exchanges, teleseminars, webinars and the like. The possibilities are endless.

Make it easy to refer. The best new lead, is from a happy referral. Anyone that is a customer of yours is the best piece of marketing/advertising that you can ever have. Get your customers to refer you. Earn it, make it easy to spread the word, and…

…Add a higher price backend or a continuity product.

Traffic means absolutely nothing without…


Money Formula = Offer + Traffic + Conversions

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