It’s said that more than 80%+ of people wanting information about something (i.e. location of a business, coupons or discounts, happy hour times, a local restaurant, how to lose weight, good local trainer) they go to the internet first.

Don’t you think it would bring a lot of good new business to be the website that they found at the top of the search results when searching for the terms related to your business?

I mean, what’s the return on investment for free traffic that turns into leads & sales?  Infinity!!!  Free Money!!!

So, how do you get this free traffic to your site?

  • By getting your site listed in the first page of results for targeted keywords related to your small business.
  • By using search engine optimization strategies to get there.
  • By continuing to use search engine optimization strategies to Stay there.

Well Kenney, how do you do that?

There are 2 major factors that contribute to achieving first page rankings:

1. On Page Optimization – This consists of placing the keyword phrase or phrases in strategic places on your website or blog that you would like to rank well for.  This lets the search engines (Bing & Google) know that your site is relevant to the search being done.

2. Off Page Optimization – This is the most important factor. In simple terms, it is getting the right links from the related sites to link back to your site.  The most relevant site (in terms of content) that is the most popular (most quality links coming in) will when in the search results.

* Tip: Find out what the top ranked site for the keyword phrase you want to rank well for then do exactly what they did to get there…Then, a little more.

To get top search engine rankings, it takes time (how much depends on the competition).

The pay off is “Priceless”.

Above, I said that off page optimization was the most important. So, let me explain why.

On page optimization just lets the search engines know what your page is related to.

Off page optimization lets the search engines know which of all the pages on the Internet related to that subject are more popular (the search engines way to judge quality) and thus, search engine rankings are handed out accordingly.

Think of each link pointing to your site like a vote.

The only difference between this and an “election” is that some votes have more “authority”. All votes aren’t created equal, but all votes are still important to the overall voting pool and popularity of your site, which affects your ranking.

Here are 7 ways to get links to your site:

  • Article or Blog post (guest post)
  • Site or product Reviews (on other sites)
  • Trade associations
  • Online Press Releases
  • Comments on other blogs
  • Other websites or blogs you own (private blog network)
  • Getting Listed in Website or Blog Directories

In conclusion, if you want to get thousands of visitors to your website on autopilot, use consistent search engine optimization strategies. Mainly, spend time getting quality links back to your site from related websites or content…

But what happens when they arrive?

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To all the success you can handle… Rootin’ for ya,

Kenneth II

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