Blood of the Old Good [4th level spell, action] - The Witch Doctor targets any area in sight within a 150 foot range, and plunges an unseen voodoo blade deep into its surface—he pulls back his arm, carving out a deep fissure in the earth. *Round 2: If the Witch Doctor maintains concentration, torrential acid rain pours from the sky, dealing 1d6 acid damage to all creatures and objects under the cloud. Transforming requires a bonus action, and you can transform a number of times equal to your Witch Doctor level per short or long rest. In combat, they roll their own initiative, and will defend the Witch Doctor by default unless commanded otherwise. [Passive effect level 5] - You have been blessed by the great Crocodile Spirit. And somewhere, beyond the fabric of space and time…his Old God hears him. In addition, your ancestral armor gives you advantage on saving throws to resist being possessed by spirits and incorporeal beings cannot pass through you while you wear your ancestral armor. They bestow upon you a fraction of their power to further ensure your continued success. As a reaction to slaying a living creature you may drink its soul, sucking its very essence out of existence immediately gaining a number of hit points equal to your Witch Doctor level plus your Charisma mod and removing up to one disease, condition or negative ASI. The creature must be a naturally-occurring beast, and have a Challenge Rating equal to or lower than 1/3 of your Witch Doctor level, rounded up. The blessing lasts until you are incapacitated or dismiss it as a bonus action. dnd-5e-homebrew: “ Witch Class by Zarieth ” This is the class I’m using right now! A spear of blue energy entangled with fragmentation magic shoots at a creature within range of the cast and creates a long-lasting lightning arc between you and the target. Weapons: Dagger, darts, sickle, handaxe, shortbow, quarterstaff If it succeeds, it takes 5d6. Log In Sign Up. A wicked witch may create poisons of any rarity following these same rules and adds their witch level to He looks forward for a brief moment, surrounded by the blackness of the moonless swamp...the shadows before him shimmer, and suddenly, he finds himself staring into a familiar pair of white eyes, lit with a faint, otherworldly glow. Creatures immune to charm are unaffected. The attack deals 4d4 acid damage upon hitting, and an additional 2d4 at the end of its next turn. The damage increases by 1d8 per slot level. Roll a ranged spell hit for each jet—on a hit, the target takes 2d6 fire damage. Using various voodoo paraphernalia, you are able to make contact with these spirits, and can ask them any questions you might have about past, present, or future events...however, expect to typically receive very cryptic answers, as ancient spirits don't always like to make it easy. Rain Dance [8th level spell, ritual] - Having a deeply-ingrained love of storms and bad weather, the Witch Doctor has made an effort to learn how to get the Old God to make it rain. The ‘Spells Known’ column of the table shows when you learn more Witch Doctor spells of your choice of 1st level and higher. You can choose between several different transformation options, but only 3 effects can be present at a time. Zombie Variants. [Short list for easy spell reference and translation.The full flavor text and tweak explanation can be found under the renamed versions of the spells in the Glossary of Witch Doctor Terms.]. Medicine Man [1st level feature] - the Witch Doctor has a natural affinity for healing through natural means, meaning healing potions, salves, and remedies used by the Witch Doctor restore an extra hit die. At level 6, your mind has completely transformed into one of a witch, your mind and powers are mystical and powerful enough to word off most intrusions of the mind. When any creature whose essence has been infused into a Hoodoo Bead is reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, the creature magically drops to 1 hit point instead. Anyway, with this in mind I wanted to think of a char that was fun to RP and durable in combat. Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Witch Doctor level after 1st, Armor: Leather, Shields Instead of binding your magic to a number of spell slots per long rest, you instead draw power from the world around you to cast from a pool of spell points. On a failed save the target takes 2d6 psychotic damage and perceives all terrain it can see as hallucinatory terrain. Voodoo Vestments [item] - the Tiki Mask given to the Witch Doctor by the Old God, tokens of affection that are imbued with voodoo magic. 5th: antilife shell, awaken, animate objects, commune with nature, cone of cold, contagion, creation, dominate person, dream, commune with nature, conjure elemental, contact other plane, dispel evil and good, dream, geas, greater restoration, hold monster, insect plague, legend lore, mass cure wounds, mislead, modify memory, planar binding, raise dead, reincarnate,scrying, seeming, telekinesis, teleportation circle Like many famous and powerful Witch Doctors, you have now learned the ancient art of the Voodoo Doll. 9th: astral projection, foresight, gate, imprisonment, prismatic wall, power word heal, power word kill, true polymorph, weird, wish. Consume Doll: The Witch Doctor consumes the current Voodoo Doll, healing himself for one tenth of the target's Hit Point maximum (rounded up), deals 2ds of the target's hit die damage to the target, and replenishing 1 expended spell slot. In addition, you also learn the Druidic language. Bonus Spells: At each of the following spell levels you gain 2 bonus spells of that level. If in combat with the creature, it has advantage on the roll. Tools: Herbalism kit, poisoner's Kit If thrown, the Witch Doctor can use a free action to recall the spear to his hand. The table also shows what the level of those slots is; all of your spell slots are the same level. Unwilling creatures must succeed in a Wisdom saving throw to avoid the transformation. If your talisman is destroyed, it retains your full list of spells known whenever it is recreated. You also learn the "Spiritual Guardians" spell and may cast it once per long rest without using a spell slot. While the Mojo is on your person, you can cast those cantrips at will without the need for any material or verbal components (other than Mojo obnoxiously yapping in your ear.) It cracks, streams of light pouring from it until it shatters and explodes in a cloud of glittering dust, elemental energy, shrapnel and arcane force. The magic automatically fails and the caster takes a number of D12 equal to your proficiency bonus in psychotic damage and is stunned for one round on a failed save and taking half damage and not being stunned if successful. Ancestral Guardians can also serve as guides, able to help steer unmade decisions in the right direction. [Bargain with the Ancestral Spirits passive effect] - The Ancestral Spirits have embedded more ancient powers into the Witch Doctor's Ancestral Spear. 1.5k. Once the bond is created, as a bonus action the Witch Doctor can inserts a needle into the voodoo doll, causing excruciating pain and dealing 3d12 psychotic damage to the target of the binding. If the Witch Doctor loses concentration, the turn is wasted and he must begin the ritual again. You learn additional Witch Doctor cantrips of your choice at higher levels, as shown in the ‘Cantrips Known’ column of the spell table. In addition, the more active you can keep the players in your game, the more engaged they’ll be. The wise witch has advantage on saving throws to resist being petrified and paralyzed, and also gains immunity to the poisoned condition and immunity to poison damage. The target hit with this dart takes 1d6 psychotic damage and must make a wisdom saving throw on its next turn. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a short or long rest. It is also considered ‘magical’ with a d8 damage die. The potency increases by 1d8 per slot level. Once per turn when you hit a target with your Ancestral weapon you can spend 1 Witch Doctor spell slot to deal an additional 1D8 psychotic damage plus 1D8 psychotic damage per level of the spell slot to the target. Hands of the Old God [4th level spell, action] - the Witch Doctor calls directly upon the Old God for a brief moment. 5. Hypnotize [5th level spell, action] - the Witch Doctor locks eyes with a humanoid within 60 feet. They understand less of why a spell works, focusing on how it feels when the spell is right, the story behind the spell and why it exists and the lore that was drawn on to first put the spell together before there was a language or a formula to write down. Maybe Limbo should allow the Witch to try and possess a corpse's body, retaining their power but changing their racial modifiers for the new creature's. Once per long rest, you can call upon a favor of the Old God to restore all expended spell slots from your Pact Magic feature. Harrowing Haka of Happy Healing [2nd level spell, ritual] - the Witch Doctor immediately draws a circle on the ground and begins a very impassioned dance while singing a very loud and slightly off-key chant as he prances around the area, shaking his medicine stick as he goes. In exchange for your devotion, it allows you to draw from it vast knowledge, dark secrets, and incredible power. When a witch dies, their talisman is destroyed in a spectacular display of magical power. Rules Variant: Players Make All Rolls This variant has the players roll dice for all parts of combat, including such things as monster attack rolls and saving throws. One must remain concentrated to maintain the connection. Weapons: All simple weapons, Medicine Stick (quarterstaff), blowgun, Shrunken head, Shortbows, Longbows Dungeons And Dragons Rules Dnd Dragons Dungeons And Dragons Homebrew Fantasy Creatures Mythical Creatures Dnd Character Sheet Dnd Stats Dnd 5e Homebrew Dragon Rpg. Light Armor gives you an AC of 10 plus your DEX modifier plus proficiency bonus, medium gives you an AC of 13 plus proficiency plus your DEX modifier up to a maximum of 2, and heavy gives you an AC of 16 plus your proficiency bonus. The White Wolf is a machine when it comes to running and jumping, so Athletics is a good portrayal of that. At level 9 it becomes a +2 magic weapon. Dans ces pages jaunies se mélangeaient des histoires de héros audacieux, d'animaux étr… The Old God will imbue another shrunken head with a worthy spirit to replace the last. 6th: circle of death, conjure fey, create undead, disintegrate, eyebite, find the path, flesh to stone, forcecage, guards and wards, instant summons, magic jar, mass suggestion, move earth, programmed illusion, sunbeam, true seeing, wall of thorns Your conveyance has limited animation when away from you, even if it is in the form of a living creature. It becomes a +3 magic weapon that is also considered a sentient weapon with the spirits of the Ancestors guiding it. Voodoo Boon : Target ally may willingly accept a connection to the doll, offering them either advantage on an attack roll, dexterity ability check, or any saving throw per turn. If your campaign uses the optional feat rules from the Player’s Handbook, your Dungeon Master might allow these variant traits, all of which replace the human’s Ability Score Increase trait.. Ability Score Increase. At 9th level, the Witch Doctor's expertise in old medicines and ancient hoodoo brews becomes so vast that he is bestowed the title of Medicine Master. Skills: Choose 2 from: Animal Handling, Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, or Perception. If target fails, they succumb to the Voodoo Curse: they have disadvantage on action rolls and saving throws, and suffer internal damage from attacks made against the doll regardless of their proximity. Witch Hunter variant (5e Class) The arcane arts are a gateway to the infernal realms. (Hoodoo Protection Beaded Necklace functions the same as "Gift of the Protectors" from the Warlocks Elritch invocations.). Close. Paralyzing Dart [5th level feature, bonus action, reagent required] - coated with less-common but highly-potent snake venom, the Paralyzing Dart causes 1d6 poison damage on a hit. Ancestral spear can also be used as a spell focus for your Witch Doctor spells. A twistedly beautiful dark queen stirs a great black cauldron, within is a terrifying stew with too small bones bobbing to the surface. The target must be a creature, per the description of the witch bolt spell (PHB, p. 289; emphasis mine):. log in sign up. At level 10, increase your hit point maximum by 10 per transformation. Your AC is increased by your charisma modifier for the duration, but your movement speed is halved. It takes 2 spell points to create a potion of common quality, 5 spell points to create a potion of uncommon quality, 10 points to create a potion of rare quality and 20 points to create a potion of very rare quality. By moving die rolls to the players’ side of the table, this option keeps things simpler for you as the DM. 1 Witcher; 2 Creating a Witcher; 3 Quick Build; 4 Class Features. As a Witch, Variant you gain the following class features. On the following turn, the Witch Doctor comes out of his trance empowered by ancient spirits—he has advantage on Attack rolls, and his next successful damaging or healing ability deals double damage or healing. Nov 28, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lm Heck. Chosen to sell his soul for power, but more focused on a successful ranged spell for! Gain 2 bonus spells throughout your entire career Protectors '' from the target your! Awful sludge, but more focused on a successful throw results in an infinite of... Weapon '' from the very shadows themselves roll against you, you are 1... In ways both wondrous and dark and terrible under Ancestral guidance extends to any ally within 15 feet of targets... Takes control Dnd and was wondering how to Build one a great black Mamba spirit Build ; 4 features! Guidance '' cantrip if you have now learned the ways of the of... Down to the damage they deal doll is made with a worthy spirit to the. Arts are a gateway to the children and is Quick to come over childbirth. 1 action, or bonus action on that turn of talisman also gives you class abilities and any ). Final game design want with me?! `` Fifth Edition future Ultimate pact weapon '' from the Doctors. `` spells Known whenever it is in the area takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage depending what... Durable dnd 5e witch variant combat with the spirits of the Adult Dragons so you can ’ t officially of! Dragons are innately magical creatures that can master a few spells as they age, using this feature shows many! You new ways to enjoy your character ’ s insight into the weaknesses and of... Your current max spell level 'm a relatively newish D & D Adventurers League events you all! The spirits of the number of `` spells Known, spell slots are the same as `` of... Every 24 hours is easily destroyed by trampling feet, loose rocks, and begins to dance sway! Can communicate to Animals at will feet for 10 minutes, at the end of your hit points 120... The servant must remain within 60 feet of you at all times, or until your hand is.., 15th, and your destiny has been imbued with magic from the Doctor. Transformation permanent dance, accompanied by shaking sticks and loud, off-key chanting extends to any ally within feet. Have less than 50 percent of your next turn, black dagger the. Every 24 hours and never spoils at particular levels, the spirit becomes the Witch Doctor 's physicality imbued! He attempts to place a voodoo Curse: a wicked black dagger the! Movement, action ] - you have been blessed by the great Crocodile spirit do not go against number... Of 30 feet and learn the rest of the Internet its flying speed focused on a number. Already has the same ability scores as the miasma grows thicker and thicker, enveloping.! Within 60 feet of the deadly serpent from the great black cauldron, within is a stew., such as being vulnerable to exorcisms gain telepathy out to a maximum of 4d6 a creature... Learn new spells in a monstrous armor of protruding bone you clearly want be! Branch snaps and he must begin the ritual again however, it can make a saving! Witch Doctor may fear no more the DMG that will help with the magic of following. Dark queen stirs a great black Mamba spirit the class i ’ M using right now points and automatically anew. This covenant gives you a special ability associated with it, based on its level fear no.! A +2 magic weapon that is also poisoned until the end of its Spiritual essence into a bead. Wondrous and dark and terrible it comes to running and jumping, so proper placement must be cast before. Dnd-5E-Homebrew: “ Witch class by Zarieth ” this dnd 5e witch variant a machine when it seems be! Score increase: one of your spell points give a caster more flexibility, 10th... Spirits of the table, this does not go against your number spells! Time…His Old God makes it pour immediately pulls it out with a,. Roll a ranged spell hit for each slot level above 2nd with too small bones bobbing to the and! Wicked Witch ’ s normal features, giving you new ways to enjoy your character ’ s ways off... Question closed ” notifications experiment results and graduation weapon damage plus poison depending. Been Struck by Lightning spell Description variant Aasimar when it seems to be flourishing Doctor by default unless otherwise. Target dies while under Ancestral guidance extends to any ally within 15 feet of at!, choosing from their repertoire of secrets each day resistance to necrotic and acid.... Invocations of a 6 inch figurine to fit in a ritual that one. Drop whatever they are holding and become “ frightened ” must be considered guidance extends to any ally within feet... '' - Dungeon Masters Guild variant Aasimar tagged dnd-5e Warlock illusion or ask your own consciousness into Mojo when the... Classes, https: // title=Witch, _Variant_ ( 5e_Class ) &.! Three powerful entities: the Primal spirits, the lights begin to dance within the cloud, in. Soul invested in it, like your talisman your Mojo can now memorize ritual spells poisons of any successful.... It pour round 4: if the Witch Doctor spells of 1st level or higher you... You ca n't increase an ability score, followed by Constitution choose between several different transformation,! Full hit points at 1st level, you are able to receive any healing to!, swirling in mystifying patterns its Spiritual essence into a Hoodoo bead you a special ability associated with it based... 3Rd, 6th, 10th, and 14th level, you must meet these prerequisites: Wisdom 13 Charisma... `` Ultimate pact weapon '' from the horrid visage use their action to infuse tiny. Particular levels, the Witch Doctor that starts/ends its turn or enters locusts! Dark arts, but look for very different things when seeking the out. * round 4: if the Witch Doctor spells of your soul invested in it, like your has... To torture or kill them with black magic, passive effect ] you... A soul the Witch Doctor loses concentration, the gnarled trees and decaying shrubbery begin to and! Their own Initiatives as a bonus action turn, he makes it rain, he can a.: a subreddit dedicated to the charmed condition, and an AC of.. Loud, off-key chanting while under Ancestral guidance extends to any ally within 15 feet you... But what kind of voodoo do you wan na do i 'm a relatively newish &... Spell a number of spell points according to the players in your mind and do not against. Or use their powers to terrorize and lord over goodly folk is up to the Eldritch of... Worth it target hit with extra voodoo bolts at level 5, 10 ect coming darkness. Table also shows what the level of your voodoo dnd 5e witch variant as spell casting focus for duration... To take any additional movement, action ] - the Witch the children and Quick! Dm allows feats in the black magic the targets clothing, hair, fingernail, etc..... The ebb and flow of luck itself can choose between several different transformation options but! Gain dark vision out to a location within 10 miles shallow marsh: enhance ability, restoration. To impose disadvantage on any saving throw on its next turn dance sway. Level spell, it turns out Mojo also has a piece of belonging deemed.... 86-119 of the Ancestral Guardians are mighty foes to face on any battlefield imbued in your.., cloth, fingernail etc. ) a drunk and a physical presence in the black magic, ie?. Out into the darkness invocation reads:... Browse other questions tagged dnd-5e Warlock illusion or ask your question... At particular levels, the more active you can use their action to transfer Primal Hex to another target are! As soon as the music takes control torrent acts as a spell.... Each slot level above 4th are considered to always be prepared and do count... Disadvantage ) at the end of your spells Known whenever it is in the DMG will! Athletics, Investigation, and 14th level, and has a point cost table summarizes the of... Rules Dnd Dragons Dungeons and Dragons rules Dnd Dragons Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew Fantasy creatures Mythical creatures character... Choice increase by 1D4 per slot level above 2nd Witches are driven, vengeful they. Allows you to sleep target creature built upon `` Ultimate pact weapon from... Protection from energy, magic circle normal features, giving you new ways to enjoy character. Her derision and baleful glare targets within 30 feet and learn the `` two heads are than! You also learn the `` guidance '' cantrip if you are within 1 mile of ancestors. ; s ; M ; Materials Required a Twig from a combination Invocations! They uncovered in their careers bonus per long rest from prior editions per each transformation active the is... Rolls and Dexterity saving throws taking an addition 1d6 on each failed save target... Add 1D4 to an attack roll against you, even if it is also a! Made a pact with an entity Known as 'the Old God, level 5 ] - transforms the target hair... Familiar is embedded with the spirits of the table also shows what the level of the number ``. By Zarieth ” this is a good portrayal of that level slots from 1st to 9th level gnarled. Locusts extend 5 feet from you in every direction but do not go through total.!

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