Do you like to try things before you buy them?

You’re not alone.

If you found yourself saying yes to this question, you’re like everyone else who answers yes.

If your competition is smart they have developed a friendship with their customers and they play the part of trusted adviser in that target market, and they receive loyalty in return for giving them great benefits and a great package of services or products.

So, how do you capture those customers?

You don’t. Not all at once!

Will you take a free sample of something at a grocery store or shopping mall? A free cookie perhaps?

Mrs. Fields built an empire which started by giving away free samples of cookies in shopping malls to entice prospects to become customers.

This allows your prospect to take a risk free taste of what you have to offer. They get to test the waters.

When you answer the door and a stranger is there you don’t open the door wide. You crack it a little.

As you become comfortable with that person then you open it a little more. When that person becomes a friend you open the door and they just come right in. Sometimes they may even have a key to the door.

But that didn’t all happen at once.

Generally, we want to let the consumer give us a test.

Once you understand this, you will understand that consumers that like you will have a virtually insatiable desire for your product or service once they warm up to you.

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Kenneth II

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