It worked! It worked!  It's beautiful!  Those are the words that kept running through my mind as I finished my first woodworking project... who knew I'd also make an extra $337 from it to.

If you're reading this and you're a pro woodworker, you're probably thinking what's he all excited about?

That's not very good...

Then you should indeed be salivating at the mouth, because there is so much room for improvement... But here's the really BIG deal...

I was able to put a few hundred dollars in my pocket on a test run... and I can do a few of those per day if I wanted.

I am getting underway with doing a complete rehab of a new property we got last year, but were still finishing up the short sale...

I thought it would be super fun to blog about it and I loooooove to let my hobbies pay for themselves...

So, got me to thinking.

What if I could not only blog about the rehab property, but what if I also started building furniture, wood games, and the like for it too (and if I sold a few pieces here and there, that would be really cool)...

...So, I started down that path,

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I have been building websites and marketing online since '04 so that part was easy for me... but I didn't know a thing about making furniture.

There was so much to consider.

So, as I do in business, I worked backwards.

Question #1"What do people in my area ALREADY like, and what are they ALREADY buying?"

I went to Pinterest, Amazon, YouTube, and Craigslist to do my research.

1.  Pinterest tells me what people already like by the thousands.  So, I decided that I had to focus on pieces that thousands upon thousands of people already "like" them.

2.  Amazon showed me a few pieces that people are already buying... BUT more importantly, it told me what they DON'T like about what they buy (like fake wood veneer).

By checking and reading the reviews on pieces that I found on Amazon, I could find out what they didn't like so I could avoid making the same mistakes.

Because one of my main goals is to sell every piece fast.

I don't want inventory, I want to sell it fast, even better, I want to eventually sell it before I make it!!! Let's term it, "reverse furniture selling"... Now that's a thought.

3.  Then I always kept checking in on YouTube.  I learned so much about what was popular, and I could "visually see" what to do (remember I am a beginning woodworker, who just so happens to have good marketing skills...

...although I'm no stranger to working in the garage or doing most of the rehab work on my houses).

4.  And lastly, I checked my area Craigslist because that is where I was planning on doing my first sale.

I wanted to know what was already being sold and for how much?

Once I had all those facts... which made me feel really good, because I felt like I had a great idea of what was going on.

I picked a niche (actually two, but I haven't tested the second one yet)...

I decided to sell "Farmhouse Style" furniture.

To each his own.

There are a few reasons I made this decision... People where ALREADY buying this style in my area, it's hugely popular and trendy, I didn't have to be an expert woodworker (actually it helped that I am not because it's about creating rustic, distressed charm) ... and the pieces sold for a good amount.

This means that I can create pieces that give me a good dollar per hour.

For me, one of the worse things I could do is spend 3, 5 or even 8 hours working on a project just to sell it for $20... because I though it was cute.

It's different if it was a piece I was gonna keep and was just doing it for the uniqueness of design for home or for one of my sweeties (lady of the house or my lil one).

So, yes... dollar per hour is very very important!!!

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Then I decided on my first piece.

I made a Farmhouse Kitchen Dinner Table and Bench Set.

Originally I decided to sell both together, but then I had a few thoughts.

What if I sold the table separate on this first go round, and gave the bench away for FREE in a different promotion so that I could build a list of people in my area who like farmhouse style furniture, so I could sell to them later?

Now that's another important point.  But you don't have to do this to start.

The result is that I sold the table for $337 on the first day.

I put up a "must sell" ad, taking all offers... I also mentioned it was at a discount because I was just launching a my new "I Love Farmhouse" business.

Anywhoo... I thank you so much for reading... and I hope that this help you get started making money woodworking.  That you got a few ideas, or aha moments for starting your woodworking business from home.

Talk to you soon,

Kenney Edwards - The novice farmhouse woodworker blogger guy... Lol