Imagine this…

…your best friend walks up to you and says:

“Hey, that was the best I have ever eaten in.”

“The service was fast, the severs were nice, it was exceptionally clean, the food tasted wonderful, and the mood was spectacular.”

“I loved it!”

At that moment your are sold.

Your subconscious defensive sales guard is down. And when given the opportunity you will eat at that restaurant.

That was the absolute best sales message anyone could have given you about that restaurant.


Because a person that you totally trust and like gave it a raving review. Keep in mind you were sold without the the traditional begging, pushing, sales trickery and methods.

Referral Marketing Works

Referral marketing is part of the sales cycle that must exist in order to really explode your business and sales.

Referral marketing (word of mouth) is absolutely free, extremely fast, has exponential growth, non-salesy, and is quite frankly the most effective type of small business marketing there is.

Does Word Of Mouth Marketing Work Itself?

Like any other type of marketing, you have to put a system in place to really see the great results it can offer.

Using surveys is a great way to find out if your customers will refer you and what they would likely say about your business.

You can also use those surveys to determine how happy customers truly are with your product or service and to determine what your customers see as your businesses strengths and weaknesses.

To Your Small Business Success,

Kenneth Jr.

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