There’s an old saying that you should find a need, fill it, and you’ll get rich.

It’s not really true.

You need to find a want and fill it. People don’t always want what they need. They need to eat right, but they don’t.

They need to stop smoking, but they don’t. They want to be more healthy. You want to sell them what they want, but give them what they need.

You will bore them to death if you try and sell them on “features” and not the “benefits”. Sell them on the benefits of the features.

Your prospects and customers are people just like you and me and they’re going to respond to messages similar to ones we might respond to.

They’ll get turned off by the same things and exaggerations that we do. Filling their needs and wants typically involve things that we’ve talked about – convenience, long-lasting, time-saving, better-looking, more functional stronger guarantees, better service, etc.

We never know which hot button is their buying button. We need to test one feature or benefit against another until we discover what their hot buttons are.

Your objective is simply one of matching your marketing mission to the functions of the products or services that your business offers. If your business offers products and services that by design are problem solvers, then you need to use this function in your marketing approach.

You want to agitate the types of problems they may have because its arouses emotional and creates needed connection to your audience. Point out a problem in detail and tell just how your product or service is designed to solve that problem…

It looks like this: problem, resolution, problem, resolution.

Here’s an example. A diet program. You don’t want to sell the powder or the vitamin, but you want to sell better confidence, better health, greater attraction, and long life.

How do you uncover their real wants and desires?

Listening! If you listen, you’ll discover the customer talking back to you in many ways. They might speak directly with you, your employees, the media, friends, other customers. You have to pay attention. You’ll hear more of what they don’t want instead of what they do want.

They might say prices are too high or there’s not a big enough selection or the quality isn’t high enough. That’s telling you the opposite of what they really want. However and whatever they say – listen to them! You’ll learn something every time you do.

Happy Marketing,

Kenneth Edwards

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