Marketing Is Everything
Marketing Is Everything
Marketing Is Everything

It took me a while to get to sleep last night I just kept thinking about marketing. It’s fun

Once you have a quality product, the only activity that you need to do is market it.

It’s a simple formula…

Get/Create a Product, Market it, Make money.

Create freedom.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up singing a different tune, share some other secrets.


Because it’s all that matters.


I don’t care if you sell groceries
I don’t care if you sell real estate
I don’t care if you sell insurance

You have to understand, grasp, and put into action good marketing in order to create a business that
explodes with profits.

It doesn’t matter if your a doctor
It doesn’t matter if your a attorney
It doesn’t matter if your a eBayer
It doesn’t matter if your a infopreneur
It doesn’t matter if your a dentist

I’ve never even seen a garage sale that was successful that didn’t put a sign out or an ad in the paper.

That’s Marketing

Shoot, you can do $1-2k as a garage
saler a week, if you know how to market

Marketing brings in prospects
Marketing brings in customers
Marketing “brings home the bacon”

You must learn it if you want your business to survive.

You must learn it to obtain freedom.

Marketing done right frees up time and money. Marketing done right creates freedom in your
life, both financially and personally.

Your business, and the success of it, effects your whole life.

Tell me something that you spend more time with, thinking about, or talking about.

Nothing! Except maybe the freedom you’d like to create from it.

Your business that is.

Well that’s all for now.

To Your Small Business Marketing Success,

Kenney Jr.

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