The most important thing any small business can do for their business is to bring in new customers consistently.

If you don’t do this everyday you’re going out of business.

You don’t have time or money to waste so everything that you do from a marketing and advertising perspective is of the most importance and must be watched like a hawk.

Small businesses main goal in marketing is to generate high-quality leads as inexpensively as possible. And then to turn those leads into customers and repeat customers. And then to get those customers to spend an increasingly amount of more money with you.

In order to generate high-quality leads at the least cost to you, you have to incorporate emotional direct response marketing.

As a matter fact direct response marketing should be the foundation of all your marketing. Direct response marketing is marketing that causes a immediate or instant response from a prospect when they see it.

The idea is that if you spend $100 a marketing that you want immediately get back more than you spent. You want to know exactly what parts of your marketing are bringing in profit.

You need to know the results of all the types of marketing that you are doing. This way the marketing that is working you can continue to scale that one in the marketing that is not working you can cut it loose.

Their is no way to do this with brand marketing, which is why this should only be done with big companies who don’t mind waiting months or even years to see some results, which are still not measurable.

The only way to do this is with direct response marketing. If you put marketing out there and it doesn’t bring in a response then there’s is no need to waste any more money on that particular type of advertising. unless you made some type of huge mistake that you discover in the ad itself (i.e. wrong number or website).

At first all direct response marketing that you do should be two step. Meaning, it should not go for the sale up front, but that you should try and generate the lead first then go for the sale with your follow-up marketing.

One of the most important aspects to get direct response marketing to work, or any marketing for that matter, is the audience in which you are marking to. It is of great importance that your marketing message is seen by or put in front of your ideal prospect. This will ensure the greatest response.

This is how you survive in recession.

This is how your business thrives when it seems the chips are stacked against you.

This is how you continue to bring in new prospects and new customers are regular basis, consistently, day in and day out so that you don’t go out of business.

Every business owner knows that no matter how great you are at your business, if you don’t bring in new customers you will go out of business because without the customers you won’t make any money. With direct response marketing you know what’s working, when it’s working, and how it’s working. It’s measurable & it is the cheapest type of marketing out there. Now you can shave what’s not working & scale what is.

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To being more than you thought you could be… cheers,

Kenney II

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