Marketing Is Everything
Marketing Is Everything
Marketing Is Everything

I haven’t made a post like this this year.

…And I think that we all have to be reminded.

You are NOT in the business that you are in.

You are in the business of marketing that business.

I don’t care what your business is. If you don’t continue to bring in a consistent continuously flow of customers you are essentially going out of business everyday.

Doesn’t matter if you a business professional, if you own a retail store, an online business, even if you owned a lemonade stand or a christian t-shirt business.

Your love for marketing that business must be as great as that business.


Because the marketing is what allows you to do that business. And if you don’t marketing it you’ll be one of the many small business owners that had a great idea and now has a “we’re closed” sign up in the window.

I know that this post may come across as harsh, but really I am not here to make a lot of friends, I am here to help you get customers, keep customers, and make money while working less. If that doesn’t make you like me then I don’t know what will. LOL.

So, before we go further into this year I think that we all can use a good reminder of the importance of small business marketing.

If you love your business or what you do, if you want to continue you to be in business and make stress free money you must learn to market you business and bring in customers consistently in the good and bad seasons.

I am about to put together a series of small business marketing post that will talk more about exactly how to do just that.

Rootin’ for ya,

Kenney II

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