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You’ve heard this before: “If you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door”. This myth is killing businesses everyday. It’s just part of the big picture.

So you are on a marketing crusade, an all out effort to discover how to convert others to your product of service, your company, or your way of thinking?

Ninety-Four percent of your business success will be a direct result of your ability to market. Your marketing efforts.

You can have a wonderful service or product, but if you can’t get it into the hands of customers and exchange money for it, you won’t be in business long.

So this is a funny way to bring me to this point…

Although your marketing efforts will be the success or the death of your business, not even the best copywriter in the world can sell a crappy product. At least not one with any type of decent morals.  And forget about referrals.

“So Focus On Selling A Better Mousetrap”

Focus on selling a valuable product or service.

It will do you no good to bring in a ton of prospects and not have something of value or quality to give them.

Here’s the advertising cycle that must exist to reach a big income: Emotional response oriented marketing gets instant clients and customers, who will refer, which builds cash flow to do more emotional direct response oriented marketing, which gets more customers and clients, who refer more clients…and so on!

With our Small Business Marketing Magic system we can show you how to do emotional response oriented marketing which brings in the customers, but you will never go through that full advertising cycle if you don’t have a product in which people would want to refer…

…Stopping the cycle dead in it’s tracks. You’ll always be skiing on flat ground, and never see the easy and fun down hill slopes that your business could be on.

Understand this, Marketing’s goal is to take your better mouse trap (your valuable product or service) and position it as, “I can’t live without that product or service”.

You can do that by getting your customers to understand your business’ vision and that it’s products or services are vehicles by which they can fulfill their goals and satisfy their needs.

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