If you want to generate more leads at a lower cost, then you should be more targeted in your ads.

The not-so-secret secret in marketing is targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Let’s break that down…

It’s really not a secret because this is what marketing really is. It’s finding a “market” and matching that market’s needs and wants with products and services.

Did you hear the key there?

It’s matching what people already have proven that they want, with products and services that meet their demands, their wants, their desires.

I hope you noticed that the beginning of that formula is to find what the prospect wants…Not what you want to sell them. The surest way to failure or mediocrity for a small business is to try and sell to a market that doesn’t really want what you’re offering or is lukewarm at best.

What I am really saying hear is that the surest way to fail in your small business is to try and create a product, then go out and find a buyer. That’s backwards. Go out and find out what your target market is really hot for. Go out and find the excruciating irritation that your market is “screaming” to have solved for them.

Then give them exactly what they are hot for right now.

This is the quickest, surest, and cheapest way to success and profits. This is the quickest way to financial freedom.

When you set out to start and run your own business, you had dreams and aspirations that it would provide a life of freedom and prosperity…Not another 8am-11:00pm job.

That is not freedom. Not only does this formula work in the major areas of your small business, but also in the smaller or “minor” areas too.

Target Marketing Meets Advertising

When you qualify your market your advertising costs go down and your conversion ratios go up.

That’s more money in your pocket. That’s no more begging for orders or hoping that you’ll make a sale today. It’s knowing. You’ll have more sales and more profits and get more quality leads when you find out where the most likely prospect to buy your offer hangs out, and advertise only to them.

Wouldn’t you rather target 2,000 people, who have already proven they buy products just like yours, than a random pool of 10,000 non-interested people to view your offer?

That’s really not a question.

Not only will it be cheaper to advertise to that smaller group, your end results will be far greater…Leaving you with more time, less headaches, and more freedom.

Find the pain of your target market and fill it. Find what a group of people have proven that they want to buy and offer it to them, and only them. You’ll cut cost and make more.

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To Your Immediate and Lasting Success Always,

Kenneth of Edwards


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    Target Marketing – The Not-So-Secret Secret To Cut Cost And Make More…

    Kenney blogged about target marketing today. You could feel the emotion and frustion in his voice. He really just wants small businesses to succeed and not continue to make the same mistakes year in and year out. Anyway I liked it…


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