It’s so sweet to receive checks in the mail or notices in your email that you’ve received cash.

And it’s feels even better when it’s because of the powerful explosive profit pulling copy you’ve written.

Teach Yourself Copywriting – The Secret

The secret to writing copy successfully every time is having a formula. Every great copywriter has at least one formula that they can turn to every single time for producing outstanding results, not copy that stinks.

The Formula

Here’s a profit pulling formula you can use to write your next successful sales advertisement or sales letter.

Part #1: The 3 Second Salesperson – State the problem. Mention the point of desperation and/or psychological soft spot. Then “empathetically” declare that you can solve the problem. You can use if…then or some type of proof.

Part #2: “Empathy Is The Key” – A story of how I (someone else or anecdotal) overcame the desperation issue to achieve success.

Part #3: Uniquely You – Here explain the history of the problem and why the competition hasn’t and isn’t doing their job. Then state your USA, Unique Selling Advantage (aka USP). After hearing this your reader should think “They are the only ones I know that do this, this is truly amazing”.

Part #4: Product Genius – Tell the reader about the product and then start your bullet points. Remember all bullets are about Benefits Benefits Benefits. Tell the reader in each bullet what’s in it for them.

Part #5: The Flaw – Openly admit the biggest short coming about your product. Must be done is such a way that it makes the reader say “Oh, that’s not so bad”, “Is that all, no biggie”, or “I think I can deal with that”. The power in writing The Flaw this way is that you will gain credibility and trust rank with your prospect.

Part #6: It’s Irresistible – Make them an Irresistible Offer! Mark Joyner, author of the Irresistible Offer says “The Irresistible Offer is an identity-building offer central to a product, service, or company where the believable return on investment is communicated so clearly and efficiently that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up”. Learning to make an Irresistible Offer is a key component in teaching yourself copywriting.

Part #7: F.A.Q – Smash objections quickly. Don’t give the reader any reason to “think about buying” your offer. Don’t leave any major reason why they should not order right now. In order to do this you must know your prospect. You have to understand your market and their real wants, and secret desires. You can use testimonials to start or end this section also (Before and After Testimonials work great here).

Part #8: That’s All It Cost…And It’s Guaranteed – Equate the product cost with a ridiculously minor purchase. Then make your guarantee a Selling Point, not just something that has to be there. Leave no reason not to order. Introduce your guarantee in a unique way. Differentiate yourself from your competition. This is a great place to make’em say “Oh really, how do you do that?”

Part #9: Check Out Time (Order Box Secrets) – Create a dotted or highlighted box with an order link, but not just any box. Your order box should have a check box, a summary of the offer, bonuses, and guarantee. It should also contain the price, the assurance of secure ordering, how product will be delivered and when, and testimonial reinforcement.

Part #10: The Not So Closing, Closing & P.S.: Here you should restate your USA, your “Irresistible Offer”, and put a reinforcing testimonial. Many times your reader will scroll down the page to see the price or they may miss some of finer points of your copy, so this “Closing” is sometimes the beginning.

Copywriting is fun and exciting. Show it in your work. Let the emotions fly. Get it on paper first then edit later. Print this page up and put it in your swipe file. It will make it sooo much easier to write your next profit pulling advertisement or sales letter.

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