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The story I am about to tell you is true…

In September of 2004, my wife received “the phone call”.

It was a sunny afternoon.

After a few moments on the phone, I saw tears running down her face.

She sat down. Then got up again. She began to pace slowly around as she still listened on the phone.

She muttered a couple of words then she cried some more. After a few more seconds she got off the phone and turned to me and said….“My dad has cancer”!

We exchanged a little more information about the conversation she had on the phone…then for most of the rest of the day, she was quiet and spent a number of hours laying on my chest.

The next day, I told her that I was going to take a trucking job, so that we could go back and forth to see her parents and so we could be their to support them…And we did.

The cancer, originally, was just in his arm about the size of a marble, but the hospital and the doctors “dropped the ball”. The cancer quickly spread to his lungs suffocating him, and to his brain. He died 1 yr and 1/2 after us receiving “the phone call”.

He was only 63. He never even got the chance to retire. He was, and is, one of the greatest men I have ever known.

But that’s not all…

The last week he was alive, we found out the most unlikely, shocking news yet…

Not only could we tell that we didn’t have long with my wife’s father, but we found out that we might not have long with her mother either.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer just days after we lost her dad. I don’t think he would have been able to deal with that.

The only reason he held on and fought so hard was because he didn’t want to lose her. He didn’t want to feel he didn’t complete his job as a husband, a lover, and a friend.

This was almost too much to handle.

—end story (just fyi – this was a true story)—

As you can see here, the power of a story to create empathy, understanding, and a feeling that we relate to one another is absolutely amazing.

If you have ever had someone suffer from cancer, or just lost anyone dear to you, this story had you hooked to accomplish the one job it was suppose to…get you to the next sentence.

It just so happens that it also creates the connection we must have to convert more prospects into customers.

So, how do you tell a great story that will actually help to increase your conversion?

Tell an “underdog” story. Tell a story about how you, someone you know, or another anecdotal story about being faced with the same problem that your reader is faced with now, and that it was overcome.

Mention the pain, agitate it, then solve it.

Oh, and by the way, her mom is going to be fine.

She had an extremely tough time with the chemotherapy treatments and radiation wasn’t too nice either, but she’s going to be alright. Cancer free so far.

Much of the last year is blurry, and she doesn’t remember everything, but it’s been a long, tough ride that has lasted for more than 3 yrs since my wife got “the phone call”. There is still a lot of healing to do, but that’s life.

When you make a connection with the reader that says I understand you: I understand where you are coming from, I feel your pain… Then give a solution, you’ll find great success in your copywriting.

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Here’s to as much business as you can handle,

Kennth of Edwards
Teach Yourself Copywriting!


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