"Crazy Email Promos" - By the 7 Day email Promo Guy

"Hi, it's Kenney... & I love to create email promos, but thought it was crazy how much copywriters and email marketers charge UPFRONT with NO guarantee of results!

So, I created "crazy email promos".  And if you will give me 7 days, I'll do all the work to create a 5 figure to 6 figure cash windfall for you... Then AFTERWARDS you just write me a check from your profits..."

I wanted to share something with you real quick...

I want to share with you why I do this, why I am so passionate about this...

...why I have started to work with other business owners and do whole 11 day email marketing campaigns where I don't make any money until profits come in.

Business owners who have built a list, but aren't making the money they could and should be making from their email audience...

Or would just love to have a windfall of cash from a well planned email marketing campaign.

Let me ask you this?

What would it do for you?


=> How would you feel, what kind of impact would it have on your happiness, on your life, on your business if I create a 7 day promotion that does just $18,000, $49,000, or even $77,000 or more?

How would you feel?

Where would your happiness level be?

Think about that...

Think about it, imagine how that would feel?

How it would feel that if just 7 days from now you took a peek at the final results and saw 5 figures or 6 figures in sales.

How would that make you feel?

That's the EXACT reason I do this.

I am a happiness adrenaline junkie...

I love to have impact and meaning.  I absolutely love to do something for others and see them get excitement or happiness out of it.

It's what drove me to get my Education degree and minor in coaching all those years ago.

And this is how I get my fix.

I love love stories, hug everyone, smile all the time, and tell my friends I love them and...

...I have a student athlete counseling and coaching business... so my whole life revolves around helping others in my life find success!

It's just the cheeseball I am...

So, that look of amazement, that feeling of excitement, of happiness... that you just got when you imagined seeing a successful 5 figure, or 6 figure promotion from simply sending email...

That's exactly why I do it...

It's why I believe all coaches and teachers do what they do, to see and share in the feeling of accomplishment and happiness by helping and being apart of success for others in their life.

It's the ultimate prize.

I now get to quickly and easily (with no pressure) to you or me... find great businesses to work with and invest my time and heart into.

You wouldn't know that I don't care for hard sells... so I try to make it as no brainer as possible... so the sales come easy.

And Why not?

It's the best guarantee I could ever give you...

You either make money, or I don't get paid either.

And I don't think momma will like that, especially because we have #2 on the way.

Now we can move further along in the process...

We don't have to obsess over upfront fees, there are none.

We can start with...

LIMITED: 3 Spots Open - Grab One (Everything To Gain, Nothing To Lose)

I know you love your business, your company, and you have a message for the world through it… Tell me about that below…

...In the box above, Tell me a little bit about your business?

Tell me where you are right now, what drives you, what you would like to accomplish?

Kenney Edwards

P.S. If you will give me 7 days, I will create a 5 figure or 6 figure cash promo for you business, and then AFTERWARD, you can write me a check out of the profit!

P.P.S. The worst that can happen is you will have a closer and deeper bond with your audience... at no cost to you.