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Welcome To Small Business Marketing Magic! Your Frustration Is Finally Going To End!

Dear Small Business Marketing Magic Member:


We’d like to welcome you as a member of our little club. A club that’s going to change your life forever!

See, you're about to enter a new world. A world filled with interested, motivated, qualified prospects, clients, customers and patients who are attracted to your business like a magnet!

You're going to learn how to end the misery, torture, waste and frustration of advertising, prospecting and marketing that doesn't work!

We'll show you how easy it is to get a never ending stream of people who want to do business with you, to CALL YOU, COME IN TO SEE YOU or whatever, without you chasing them around!

Without you begging them. Without any pressure. All these new people to buy whatever services or products you have to sell...who've initiated the contact with you on their own!

You're getting the chance to experience a way of doing business that most never get to even see, let alone be a part of! You're going to be able to use low cost, simple, but amazingly powerful marketing tools to expand your income...that 99% of your competitors will never understand or use.

Why? Because the stuff we're going to be sharing with you is non-traditional. It's "outside" the box. It's different, and it doesn't "look pretty". See, mostly everyone in your line of business does things almost exactly the same way.

They all look the same to prospects and customers. Their advertising and promotional materials all look and sound the same. Their slogans have the same hollow ring to them.

And, since everyone copies what everyone else does, everyone ends up looking alike! The only problem is, that none of this stuff works for anyone...yet everyone's doing it anyway!

No one wants to be different. To venture out into areas that no person in your business has gone to before! There's a sort of comfort you get from being inside the mold established in your industry.

But, comfort doesn't pay bills! Money pays bills! And to get money, you MUST be marketing yourself in ways that attract the best qualified people in a never ending stream, who want to buy your products or services!

And in order to get that desired state of maximum attractiveness with minimum time and money, you have to STAND OUT, instead of blending in.

You have to get your prospects to notice you, instead of ignoring you. And, all that has to be done in completely ethical ways, of course! (Being different, doesn't imply being unethical, as some people would have you think.

All it means is that you don't want to be a pack dog...that you want to be the LEAD DOG!)

So, sit back, relax, and take in the new world that's being opened up to you. Good luck, and please let us know how you're doing!



Kenney Edwards - Dad, Hubby, Poker & Sports Fanatic, & Founder/Director Of

I am so happy that you are apart of this group.  I look forward to getting to know you through the Facebook Mastermind Group.  I hope that this group is extremely profitable to you & moves you toward the success that you dream for.

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