Personally, I think The Cheesecake Factory, the restaurant, has a built in perfect marketing system.

Why do I say this?

Well, typically, when you go to a restaurant, and order a meal, appetizers, beverages and dessert are “upsales”.

Now, think – and you don’t have to think hard – Why do people go to The Cheesecake Factory?

Let’s all say it together, “For the CHEESECAKE!”

That’s right, class!  Lol

What’s so ingenious about all of that? Well, if people are coming to The Cheesecake Factory, (and if you have never been, it’s a beautiful restaurant) they’re going to eat a meal, and guess what…

…They will definitely be ordering dessert! It’s no longer an “upsale”, it is the sale!  The upsale is actually the food.  now obviously everyone doesn’t eat the food, but comes just for the dessert.

For me… there’s no way that I’m going to The Cheesecake Factory and not ordering a fabulous slice of cheesecake out of their 30 some odd flavors that cater to anyone and everyone! It would be wrong not to 🙂

In fact, even if you’re too full from dinner for dessert, you’ll still order a slice to take home with you, simply because!

Pure Genius! Great Job guys!!! I’m impressed!

What Kind of “Cheesecake” Can Your Biz Offer?

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