Are you tired of advertising that doesn’t work?

January 17 Just had another prospect tell me they “wanted to think about” buying our product. Said they “needed to talk to their partners.”

This is the third time this year that a prospect blew me off on what I thought was a lay-down. I expect to lose some, but it kills me when I only have a handful of prospects to begin with. What am I doing wrong?

February 21 When I called my ad agency and talked to the account rep, he told me our advertising was doing well, because it was “getting our name out there”. I’m dead.

Their advertising stuff truly sucks, and they say it’s good because it’s supposedly getting us “name recognition”. I cannot stand the thought of wasting money on ads that I know, and they know, DO NOT WORK!

March 2 Sent a bunch of sales letters for our new program. I thought I’d give the ad agency one more try. The mailing cost me $134. So far, I’ve had two calls. One from my neighbor who happened to be on my list, who said, “Can you pick up the kids from practice tonight?”, and one from a prospect who said, “I’ve been thinking about trying one of these for a while.

Are there any you have I can try for a couple hundred dollars or so?” This is so depressing I can’t stand it. When I called to discuss this with my rep, he told me he I wasn’t being helpful always calling with complaints. When I mentioned that I still didn’t understand why the marketing they had us use doesn’t work…he told me I was just not “sophisticated” enough to understand that advertising wasn’t meant to bring immediate payback.

He said I had to understand that name recognition was the whole deal, and that name recognition takes a long time. He added that getting customers and cash in right away wasn’t the primary use for advertising. Now, you tell me, is that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard in your life, or what? If advertising doesn’t bring in instant profits, why the hell run it at all?

I don’t want name recognition. I WANT CASH IN MY BANK ACCOUNT!!

April 16 Our newspaper ad rep came in and told me that we needed to take a longer look at the ads in the paper. She said my concerns about the ads not pulling responses or new customers, she said, “It’s a numbers game. If you run ads long enough, you’ll eventually get new customers.”

She added, “then the quality of your products and company will take care of the rest!” That afternoon, we had another ad hit in the paper. By dinner time, we had no calls…again. I went out to get a sandwich, and went straight home from there. Had a stomach ache. Was it the food or the crappy ads?

May 11 The guy who owns the store next to me, Jerry, bought a tape set on motivational psychology he got at a seminar where everyone walked across hot coals. His business has been bad lately, with everything going on and all, and he said the seminar and tapes really opened his eyes.

When I asked him, “Opened your eyes to what?”, he just gave me a dirty look and went out. I’ll be curious to see what happens with his new found motivation.

June 28 Well, his “motivational” tapes must not be working too well. Jerry shut the store down today. After sending out 10,000 mailers based on his new found “motivation”, he only got a handful of lousy leads, and only one new customer.

He just gave up. I still don’t quite get how saying positive affirmations and walking across hot coals gets anyone to respond to ads and to make sales. Maybe I’m missing something.

July 21 Over half of the year has gone by, and I’m no better off than I was last year. (Or any year, for that matter.) My wife is tired of listening to me complain about how frustrated I am. I just can’t help it. I know I’ve got the best prices in the area, the best products, the best service, and we really do care about our customers.

Why don’t more people come in here to buy?

August 9 My agency rep came across with a “hot list” of prospects. Plus, the new mailer they designed to send out looks really good. It talks about our track record, experience, low prices, and is, well, very professional. It’ll sure be nice to finally get some leads. The advertising agency was really excited about it.

August 22 Final results are in from the new mailer. 5000 mailed out. 24 responses. Not bad. We followed up with the leads, and made two sales for starter packages that totaled $400. Still have along way to go to get back the rest of the thousand bucks I laid out for the mailing, and the grand I paid the ad agency.

September 14 My wife wants to go on vacation to Disney World. With the three kids and both of us, you’re looking at $2,000 to $3,000. Easy. I told her that was out of our league right now, but I had a big sale coming up, and when it hit, we’d go to Orlando for sure. (She wasn’t happy, but, hey, what can I say? She’ll have to wait.)

October 3 The big sale hits. We get some business, but NOTHING like I hoped (prayed) for. Damn! That really irritates me. Here I work on this sale for months, and it hardly makes any difference in my cash flow or sales. (My wife is not pleased. It took me a week to get enough courage to tell her the sale was a bomb.) What am I doing wrong?

October 4 Read ad in trade journal that says the reason we all struggle is that we have been given “marketing tools” by ad agencies and ad reps that simply don’t work. Says that we all push what we think people should be interested in, when, in fact, no one responds to anything except what THEY are interested in. Said that we need to stimulate curiosity, by stirring their emotions.

To use compassion and empathy, instead of image and “best prices” He says that making money is simple, when you know how to magnetically attract qualified, interested people to respond! He went on to say that the ad agencies wouldn’t know a real ad that worked if it jumped up and bit them in the butt…and their garbage about “getting your name out there” is ridiculous.

He concluded by saying that 99% of business owners go about advertising using techniques that only work for Fortune 100 companies who can afford to waste millions of dollars on ads that don’t work. He said small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to wait until their “image” somehow magically turns into cash.

That, until we start using “emotional direct response marketing”, we’ll always get the same crappy results from our ads, yellow pages, mailers, etc. This guy sounds like he’s been through the same hell I live every day. Ordered his FREE REPORT he offers.

November 5 Got report. Couldn’t believe that somebody finally knows why what we are taught to do, is so useless. He pointed out that people respond only to what they want, and will never respond to what I think they should need! He had success stories from business owners all over the country who are no longer listening to the garbage from ad agencies and reps. Business owners who are actually getting people to buy stuff as a result of their advertising!

November 14 Became a member of this marketing program. Stayed up all night reading all the manuals and listening to the audio tapes in my car. I’m amazed! It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me. It’s such a relief that someone has finally shown me how to never again use worthless advertising to get business!

December 12 Ran an ad from this guy’s kit for $69, and got 37 leads, of whom 14 bought nice, profitable packages. Made over 15 times the cost of the ad within two weeks! Plus, I finally got my first referral from a business associate I’ve known for four years, who never gave me a damn thing before.

I’ve never been busier in my career. (And this is Christmas time, when everyone says we shouldn’t be busy. What a joke.) I am so glad I now know how to:

  • Run ads that attract interested buyers! (I can literally feel the pressure melt away!)
  • Get started with little cash!
  • Have 5-10% responses to mailings become commonplace!
  • End the frustration of “traditional” advertising!

Get dozens of responses to cheap little emotional ads! And much more! If you want to see exactly why 13,465 business owners have finally found a “better way”, you can get a FREE REPORT that explains this all in much more detail. You can get your copy… Visit: How To Get More Customers In A Month Than You Now Get All Year…, 24 Hrs., 7 days a week. Or…


Cheers, to all the success you can handle…

Kenney Edwards


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    This post really hits home. If you are a small business owner and you ve been trying to figure out how to get more quality leads and customers but to no avail…This post will really give you hope……


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