A unique selling advantage (unique selling proposition) is the one distinct and appealing idea that sets your business apart from every other “me too” type competitor.

Why is establishing one so important for your business?

It is the first step in positioning your self in the customers mind as “I am the only one that does what I do”, which gives you a positive distinction from your competition.

Your unique selling advantage motivates your prospects to become customers.

It’s really a single, unique benefit, essence, appeal or promise that your company makes to your prospects. One that no other competitor offers.

Most businesses (99%) can’t really articulate in one to two crisp, concise, clear paragraphs the USA of their product or service. Of those who can, only several even have one. The rest are ineffectively trying to be all things to all people.

Then we wonderful why there is such a high rate of failure for small businesses.

You should have a crisp, niche driven USA. It should be one unique, attractive selling advantage that you’re best suited to deliver to your prospect.

Your USA should be an “elevator speech”. If you get on an elevator and someone ask you what you do, you should be able to tell them concisely and clearly what it is before you get to your specified floor.

It should be so clear and so powerful that they should be asking your “Really? How do you do that?”.

Once you have one, you’ll want to integrate it into every part of your marketing.

How Do You Develop A Unique Selling Advantage?

  • Establish a statement of benefits for your business
  • It’s a list of various strengths that you or your product or service possess
  • Select 3-5 major strengths and formulate then into a cohesive USA
  • Should be based on characteristics that really motivate your prospects to become customers

Your USA is vital to the foundation of your marketing. You must clearly identify and articulate your company’s USA.

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